Leah Maroney

Leah and Stephen Maroney

"Give me all the bacon and eggs you have." -Ron Swanson

Leah is an early riser who is a lover of all things food! 

When she isn't working here on The Spruce, you can find her on her blog, Mini Pie Kitchen a website full of breakfast, dinner, dessert, and appetizer recipes!  


 Leah grew up in the kitchen by her mom's side.  Her mother taught her so much (and continues to today!)  She instilled in her a love of cooking, entertaining, and bringing joy to others through food! 

Leah's love of cooking and craftiness in the kitchen really took off when she went to Marist College. There, she met the love of her life, Steve and somehow figured out how to prepare cinnamon rolls (Steve's favorite meal) in a kitchen-less dorm room.  After being surrounded by amazing food in the Hudson Valley, Leah and Steve moved to Hoboken where they continued to eat their way through the city. Home was calling, so they packed up and moved back to Leah's hometown in Connecticut.  Steve convinced her to start documenting her recipes online, mostly so she could remember how to make that Beef Stroganoff he loved so much!  And so, minipiekitchen.com was born!  

An educator, through and through Leah is currently an Elementary school teacher and cooking instructor. 

After years of breaking biscuits with friends and family, Leah has learned to love and prepare all things bacon, egg, and cheese. 


 Leah attended Marist College where she received her B.A. in Psychology and Special Education.  She also studied abroad in Florence, Italy where she trained in Italian and Middle Eastern cuisine. 

Leah Maroney

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