Lemon Dessert Recipes

Lemon Bars. Linda Larsen

I love lemons! It runs in the family: my little sister once ate a raw lemon, and my nephew loved to hold them, smell them, and throw them when he was small. Lemon dessert recipes are delicious, easy to make, and beautiful too. They are perfect for spring and summer, since the tart lemon flavor seems to taste like sunshine.

If at all possible, use fresh lemons when you make these recipes, not the bottled lemon juice.

The bottled juice will work, but then you'll miss out on the wonderful aroma of working with real lemons as you slice, zest, and juice them. For tips on getting the most out of your lemons, read Getting the Most out of Lemons.

Lemon Dessert Recipes

  • My Sister's Lemon Meringue Pie
    This gorgeous pie is my sister's specialty. The pie is huge and the filling and meringue both melt in your mouth. It must be made with a graham cracker crust. I don't know how she makes it so perfectly every year for Thanksgiving. All I can do is give you the recipe!
  • Lemon Bars
    Most recipes for Lemon Bars don't use enough lemon, in my opinion. And I don't like bits of lemon peel in the filling; I just want smooth and creamy, tart and sweet custard to melt in the mouth. This bar delivers! The combination of tender shortbread with a lusciously smooth and rich filling is simply perfect.
  • Lemon Pound Cake
    This is my fallback recipe when company is coming over and I want a homemade dessert. It's fabulous served warm, and the cake stays moist for days, if it lasts that long. The cake is very tender but slices perfectly.
  • Updated Lemon Truffle Pie
    This version of the original Lemon Truffled Pie is super easy and just as delicious. The combination of white chocolate with lemon was made in heaven.
  • Lemonade Pie
    Just three ingredients make this fabulous frozen pie. Every time I make it I can't believe how good it is, how simple it is to make, and how those three ingredients combine to make so much more than the sum of the individual foods. Try it and you'll make it over and over again in the summer.
  • Lemon Ginger Icebox Dessert
    This super fabulous recipe was inspired by my favorite ice box dessert that uses whipped cream and chocolate cookies. Adding lemon to the cream, and using ginger cookies transforms a classic dessert into something really special.