Lemon Juice: Fresh or Bottled?

Still life with lemons and lemon squeezer
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Question: Lemon Juice: Fresh or Bottled?

Is there a difference between using fresh or bottled lemon juice?

Answer: I believe that it would take a highly sensitive palette to discern between fresh or bottled lemon juice, however I always use fresh for many reasons. First, I like to stay as authentic as possible. Second, some bottled lemon juice contains preservatives, which I try to keep away from my family. Third, it is just as easy for me to juice a lemon than pour it from the bottle.

Fresh lemons will keep for up to two weeks in the 'fridge. Buy them by the half dozen and if you don't use them, you can always make a centerpiece for your table. No desire for the centerpiece? Try making fresh lemonade and you will see where the difference between fresh and concentrate lemon juice comes from.

Lemon zest is a undervalued resource. Lemon zest is great in desserts and is even better with fresh vegetables! When steaming veggies, simply add a tablespoon of lemon zest to your water. You will have a hint of lemon in the taste of whatever vegetable you are cooking. Try with fresh green beans and asparagus!