Liv Wan

Liv Wan, real name Tsung-Yun Wan, is a writer, food blogger, freelance illustrator, wife and a mother. She worked for many years as a chef but is now working as a full-time illustrator by day and cookbook writer and food blogger by night. She is passionate about delicious food and loves to share her authentic Chinese and Taiwanese recipes with her readers.

She started her food blog when she moved to the UK from her home country of Taiwan. After moving to the UK she found it really difficult to find authentic Chinese and Taiwanese food, so she spent countless hours in her kitchen recreating her favourite authentic Chinese and Taiwanese cuisines and also revisiting her favourite food memories from back home.

Her Chinese and Taiwanese recipes are the kind of food you will find in real Chinese and Taiwanese households. She mainly focuses on “home-style” Chinese and Taiwanese cooking but sometimes she will also surprise you with some food with a fine dining touch. Occasionally it’s impossible to source out an ingredient in the UK but unless mentioned her recipes are completely authentic.


Liv grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. When she was young she often sat in the kitchen learning Chinese cooking from her grandparents. Her grandfather was from the Sichuan province of China and her grandmother from Guangdong province with both provinces having completely different cuisines. This made Liv interested and passionate about cooking and after leaving school she studied Western Culinary at the top culinary college in Taiwan. She worked at one of the top restaurants in Edinburgh for a few years and other fine dining establishments before but tired of the long hours,  when her daughter was born in 2012, she decided that was enough and so decided to turn her career around and pursue her other passion in life, illustrating.

In 2014, Liv published her first cookbook “Home-Style Taiwanese Cooking” and in 2015 she has published her first illustrated cookbook “The Illustrative Chef - 30 Illustrated Recipes by Liv Wan” through the famous recipe illustration website “They Draw and Cook”. In 2016 Liv will release her second cookbook this time about “Home-Style Chinese Cooking”.

Home-Style Taiwanese Cooking

The Illustrative Chef- 30 Illustrated Recipes by Liv Wan


Liv graduated from National Kaohsiung Hospitality College (now National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism) with a diploma in Western Culinary Art. She also studied a HND illustration course at Edinburgh college and a BA in Illustration at Edinburgh College of Art.

She is a native traditional Chinese speaker and also can read, write simplified Chinese. 

Liv Wan

 Through the About Chinese food channel, I share with you my knowledge, passion and loving memories of my culinary adventures and memories. I want to introduce you to different styles of Chinese cuisines and show you Chinese food is not all about sweet and sour or black bean sauce. We do have these dishes in Chinese cooking but Chinese cuisine has such a long history and there’s so many other delicious foods you can try. So here I am and I’m looking forward to sharing my journey with you.

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