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Looking for live lobsters to prepare for your next party or dinner? I recommend Maine lobsters for the best flavor. The meat is typically whiter and more succulent. The cold water lobsters also have bigger claws, which translates into a bigger hunk of claw meat for your guests. There are a lot of fly-by-night companies out there selling fresh lobsters.  

Lobsters are expensive and you don't want to get ripped off. I've listed 5 of my favorite lobster companies here - all reputable...MORE businesses who either are Maine lobster fishermen themselves or they buy directly from Maine lobster fishermen, and package and deliver the live lobsters to you overnight so they are the freshest possible.

Compare prices, they change on a regular basis. Look carefully at shipping - some companies include shipping in the price and some add it on later. All the lobster businesses here take great care in packaging the live lobsters so they arrive in the best condition. 

Many lobster sizes are available from 1-pounders to 5-pound monsters.  I suggest sticking to the smaller lobsters - they will be younger and the meat will be sweeter and more tender. 

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    1 ¼ pound lobsters to 5-6 pound colossal lobsters. Live lobsters are taken fresh off the fishing boats of local Maine lobster fishermen.  

    Live lobsters are true to the weight requested, and often times heavier! The online delivery part of this business has been around since 1999 with great reviews.

    You will find a good selection of lobster dinner packages, as well as other raw shellfish, frozen lobster tails, desserts, seafood soups and chowders, .and starters.

    Lobsters are packed in seawater soaked newspaper in a reusable Styrofoam cooler with ice cold gel packs. Overnight delivery. 

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    In business since 1987, Lobster Gram is the number one lobster delivery service in the country.  Live Maine lobsters from 1 to 2 pounds are available.

    You can also send a 'Lobster Gram' which includes Live Hard-Shell Maine Lobsters. Fresh Whole Lemon and Clarified Butter. Shell Crackers and Seafood Forks. Lobster Gram Bibs and Moist Towelettes. 

    Also available: Lobster tails, Surf & Turf packages, Crab, Shrimp, Mussels, Fresh Fish, Chowders, Crab and Lobster Cakes, Desserts, and more. Lobster Gram also has a great selection of gift baskets and packages.

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    Maine Lobster by Mail
    Maine Lobster Now.

    The Klenda family only buys wild-caught Maine lobster from local fishermen. Beautiful, fresh live lobsters shipped directly to your door - 1 pound up to 3 pounds.  You can also get just the tails or lobster meat by the pound.

    They also have a great variety of other products to add to your lobster feast: fresh steamer clams and mussels, crab cakes, filet mignon, clam chowder, and desserts.

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    Get live Maine lobsters delivered overnight from Winter Harbor Lobster Coop, a group of about 15 Maine Lobster Boat Captains. 1- to 3-pound lobsters available, hand packaged and shipped the same day they get off the boat. 

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     A family owned and operated business (since 1995), Maine Lobster Direct is located on Union Wharf in the heart of Portland, Maine's working waterfront. 1- to 2-pound lobsters available. You can also find American Caviar, fresh clams and mussels, fresh fish, smoked salmon and trout, crab legs, appetizers, and desserts.