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Cooking with Local Ingredients

Make the most of the farmer's market with recipes that feature local and seasonal ingredients.
Spring vegetables and fruit
A Monthly Guide to the Northeast's Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables
Hawaii Mountain Apple (Ohi'a 'ai)
Ohi'a 'ai (Hawaii Mountain Apples)
Maitake mushrooms
What Are Maitake Mushrooms?
Pistachio bundt cake
13 Best Recipes Featuring Pistachios
Suya Spice
Suya Spice
Hubbard squash
What Is Hubbard Squash?
Roasted spaghetti squash halves
What Is Spaghetti Squash?
Sweet dumpling squash
What Is Sweet Dumpling Squash?
Yaupon Tea
Yaupon Tea
Urban Farm
What Is Urban Farming?
Seasoned yellow Squash and green zucchini
Types of Zucchini and Summer Squash
pear varieties
10 Varieties of Pears From Anjou to Williams
what are strawberries
What Are Strawberries?
Wild Pacific sockeye salmon in a bucket
What Is Sockeye Salmon?
Crates full of apples
Fall Fruits and Vegetables
different types of fall vegetables
Fall Vegetables
Shelling Beans
pile of tangerines
What's in Season in December?
A halved pomegranate
How to Use Pomegranates
illustration featuring bell peper varietiesq
9 Types of Delicious Sweet Peppers
roasted vegetables on a serving platter
How to Make Roasted Vegetables
Slicing prosciutto
A Complete Guide to Pork Cuts
types of lettuce varieties
Lettuce Varieties
Various squash
15 Winter Squash and Pumpkins Varieties
Bowl of Cherries
How to Remove Cherry Pits Without a Pitter
roasted beets
How to Roast Beets
Healthy Tossed Lettuce Salad with Tomatoes, Cheese, and Nuts
How to Make Perfect Tossed Green Salads
6 Types of Bananas You Need to Know About
Black Mission and Adriatic Figs
Type of Figs From Adriatic to Brown Turkeys
New potatoes just harvested, with dirt on them
What Are New Potatoes?
Goose Eggs
Using Goose Eggs in Your Recipes
Egg Conversions
A Guide to Egg Size Conversions for Recipes
Fresh Peaches
How to Peel Peaches
A cook shucking oysters
Sauces for Fresh Oysters
Muddled Cherries
Muddled Cherries
No-Cook Raspberry Sauce in a bowl, and over a slice of cake on a plate
No-Cook Raspberry Sauce Recipe
Sautéed Mushrooms
Sautéed Hedgehog Mushrooms
San Francisco Farmers Market
10 Farmers Market Shopping Tips
Fresh Horseradish Root
All About Horseradish
A pair of fried white fish
How to Pan-Fry Fish Fillets
Unique Mexican Cuisine by City, State, and Region
Halved avocado on tabletop
How to Keep Avocados From Turning Brown
What Are Parsnips?
A rainbow of carrots
Taste the Carrot Rainbow
Strawberries in a colander
Washing Strawberries
citric acid in a bowl
What Is Citric Acid?
what is dino kale
What Is Dinosaur Kale?
Homemade orange marmalade on toast
Homemade Orange Marmalade
Illustration depicting three methods to steam green beans
Three Easy Ways to Steam Green Beans
cutting strawberries and placing them into boxes
The Best Ways to Store Strawberries
Sugar Cubes and Jar
All About White Sugar
Mussels In a Bowl
How to Cook Mussels
types of chicories
What Are Chicories?
Buddha's hand citrus fruit
What Is Buddha's Hand?
Different types of eggplants
Eggplant Varieties
illustration showing different types of pears
Eating and Baking Pears: When to Use Which Pear
rinse the pinto beans and pick them over
How to Cook Dried Beans
Close-up of zucchini flowers in a white bowl
What Are Zucchini Flowers?
Cook Grits the Easy Way
illustration showing simple fig recipes
22 Tasty Fig Recipes to Enjoy This Luscious Fruit