Low Calorie Game Day Menu Ideas

So the big game is coming up and you have company headed to your house to watch the game. Or maybe you have been invited to a viewing party and were asked to bring a dish of some sort to share. When it comes to party foods, they are notorious for being overly processed, extra salty, and not very friendly to a healthy eating plan.

If that sounds like you, then take a look at this menu for game day that is a bit on the healthier side. The items on this menu are mostly unprocessed but still easily eaten as finger food and are tasty! So next time you are hosting a party or are invited to a party where finger food is a must, try out an item or two or more from this menu to help you enjoy eating party food without the guilt. 

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    Healthy Sliders

    Healthy Sliders
    Healthy Sliders. Kimberley K. Eggleston

    Sliders are one of those really fun foods. For some reason, any food that is mini sized is just fun to eat. These miniature hamburgers are easily two or three bite little sandwiches that are fun to eat and are fun to serve. 

    This recipe calls for more or less standard toppings, but the great thing about these sliders or any other hamburger is that you can be creative with your toppings. Maybe you want to try blue cheese or grilled onions. Maybe you want to try barbecue sauce or banana peppers. The choice is yours, just keep in mind that you want to keep it healthy so to avoid overly fattening toppings such as excessive cheese, bacon, or mayonnaise. 

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    Seven Layer Dip

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    Who doesn't love dip with chips?  A seven layer dip is a favorite, filled with all sorts of delicious layers. Fresh tomatoes, olives, refried beans, and sour cream plus taco seasonings are almost good enough to eat as a meal itself. Put a plate of this delicious seven layer dip on the table with some baked tortilla chips and watch it disappear in minutes. 

    This recipe uses flavorful ingredients but does not go overboard on those ingredients that are super high in calories, making it a healthy choice. In fact, the refried beans are high in protein and dietary fiber. Load on those vegetables like chopped green onions and juicy tomatoes. Then go easy on those flavorful ingredients like cheese and sour cream and you have yourself a somewhat healthy party dish.

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    Boneless Buffalo Wings

    Superbowl Appetizers Boneless Buffalo Wings
    Superbowl Appetizers Boneless Buffalo Wings. Jupiterimages/Photolibrary/GettyImages

    Some may feel that it is not game day party without the buffalo wings. And maybe it's true. They are tasty, really easy to eat with your hands, and just about the perfect party food. 

    Typical Buffalo wings are far from healthy. They are dark meat, covered in calorie-laden skin, and smothered in sauce. ​

    These boneless buffalo wings fix many of the problems that come with typical buffalo wings. Boneless skinless chicken tenders are used which omits the dark meat as well as the skin which adds lots and lots of calories. 

    The boneless buffalo wings are then served up with a blue cheese dipping sauce that also is lower in calories than the typical blue cheese counterpart. These boneless buffalo wings are truly satisfying while being lower in calories than you would expect. 

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    Baked Tortillas Chips

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    Baked tortilla chips used to be a more common thing to be able to find in the grocery store.  But they seem to be becoming less common. If you have trouble finding baked tortillas chips, you can try making your own with this recipes. 

    The process is really quite simple and the ingredients are simple and inexpensive. Corn tortillas, salt, and cooking spray are all you need to make these chips delicious. 

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    Fresh Pico de Gallo

    Low Calorie Pico de Gallo
    Low Calorie Pico de Gallo. John Block/Blend Images/GettyImages

    We like almost any kinds of salsa, especially for parties and get togethers. We really like this fresh pico de gallo that is easily put together. 

    The thing we like most about pico de gallo is you can eat loads of it and by doing so you are increasing your vegetable intake for the day. Lots of fresh tomatoes and onions plus peppers are tossed together with fresh lime juice and cilantro for a super fresh and healthy salsa.

    Dip it with baked tortilla chips or use it to top other Mexican inspired dishes and enjoy just about as much as you would like.