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A good low-calorie lunch is not only low in calories, but is filling, healthy, and tasty. Low-calorie lunch ideas can be a challenge, especially when you are on the go. However, if you find some good recipes that you enjoy and that leave you filling satisfied, you can have quick and easy meal plans on hand at a moment's notice. Here are some low-calorie lunch ideas that are easy to take with you on the go or to enjoy at home.  

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    Salmon Salad with Whole Wheat Rolls

    Salmon Salad
    Salmon Salad. Laurie Patterson/E+/GettyImages

    This low-calorie lunch is complete with creamy salmon salad atop a bed of greens, and a whole wheat dinner rolls on the side. Bake the rolls early in the week, and store them in the freezer. Then all you have to do is grab one on your way out the door, and place in a plastic baggie. It will be ready by the time lunch rolls around.

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    Hummus with Garlic Pita Chips and Assorted Vegetables

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    Creamy chickpea hummus makes an excellent dip for crisp garlic pita chips and assorted vegetables. Slice up some carrots sticks, sweet bell pepper strips, and fresh mushrooms for a complete and filling low-calorie lunch.

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    Chicken Salad Pita with Homemade Potato Chips and Fresh Fruit

    Chicken pita bread sandwich
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    You can't go wrong with this classic low-calorie lunch of chicken salad in a whole wheat pita accompanied by crisp, homemade potato chips and fresh fruit. Keep the chicken salad in a storage dish until lunchtime, and then fill the pita with the salad. A small apple, orange, or fruit of you choice rounds out the meal.

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    Veggies Wrap with Strawberry Salad

    It will be easy to eat plenty of servings of fruits and vegetables with this low-calorie lunch combo of a hearty veggie wrap and sweet strawberry salad. Is you are not up for preparing the salad, a simple whole piece of fruit would make an excellent partner for the wrap.

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    Turkey Club Sandwich and Yogurt Parfait

    Club Sandwich
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    This turkey club sandwich is absolutely amazing. If you are packing this low-calorie lunch along, you may have the best results if you pack the ingredients for the sandwich is a container, separate from the bread. Then, if you have access to a toaster at lunchtime, toast the bread right before you are ready to eat. If you don't have a toaster, untoasted bread suits the sandwich just fine.