How Many Calories Are in a Low Calorie Meal?

Calorie count in low calorie recipes

Recipe Calorie Count

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You may be wondering exactly how many calories are allowed in a so-called low-calorie recipe. While the answer may not be an easy one to reach, here is a basic explanation of how many calories these recipes should contain per serving.

How Many Calories Are Low Calories?

While there are specifications on the food labels of low-calorie food items, for example, regarding how many calories are allowed in a low-calorie item, there are no specifications for how many calories are allowed in a dish labeled as "low calorie" such as are on this website. Since all recipes on this low-calorie site are considered "low calorie," we will make every attempt to keep main dishes 300 calories or under per serving, and side dishes, snack items, and other smaller items under 150 calories per serving. Those are just general guidelines that we try to abide by for this site. The way in which you combine the food you eat in a given day for your targeted caloric intake is completely up to you.

Things to Consider

It is important to be aware that when you are trying to eat low calorie, the total calories from all food items contributing to your meal must be taken into account. For example, a typical low-calorie meal plan may consist of 1200 to 1500 calories total per day. If you are not big on snacking, you may divide this into three segments for breakfast, lunch, and dinner which would then each consist of 400 to 500 calories each. This calorie content would likely be met by combining main dish items and side items in any way you like. If you are a snacker and mind you we do advise snacking on a regular basis; you may want to use 100 to 200 of your allotted calories to contribute to 2 to 3 snacks spread throughout the day. So, you then would subtract the appropriate number of calories from each meal to make up for the calories you will be consuming in snacking.

With this mathematical consideration in mind, our goal for this site is to provide healthy, nutritious, low-calorie recipes that will allow you to enjoy your favorite foods in quantities that will be satisfying and nutritious without sending you over your calorie allotment for the day. Recipes will be as low in calories as possible while not sacrificing taste as well!