6 Low Carb Cool and Refreshing Cucumber Recipes

Going sugar-free doesn't mean having to forgo tasty food for dull and boring food. Sure some snacks might have to be limited but often enough the foods and snacks you love need a little makeover to make them part of your sugar-free lifestyle.

If you are into gardening, you might be at the peak of harvest at this time of year. If cucumbers are plentiful where you live or fresh from your garden, these simple recipes will be just the thing you need to enjoy any night of the week. All these recipes do not require much time in the kitchen so you can be spending more time outdoors before the cold season starts coming. None of these recipes require the oven even to be turned on which is a plus when the weather is hot. Cucumbers are ideal as a sugar-free snack, but when you get a little creativity they can be even better, and these recipes will show you how.

The best part about this list is that they are all low in carbs, low in calories and mostly vegetarian, except for the first one which includes a healthy chicken salad recipe.  Use for snacks, as light lunches or sides with dinner, but once you try some of these recipes, you will wonder why you didn't get on board with a love affair of cucumbers long ago.