5 Low Carb Stuffed Zucchini and Pepper Recipes

Now's the time to stock up on those fresh veggies from the garden or produce market and make these healthy stuffed zucchini and pepper recipes! If you love a recipe that helps you make it ahead so you can enjoy more of your time with your family, these recipes will please you like no other! We love to stuff my fresh and organic produce with luscious turkey or beef and call dinner done! These are full of variety and simple enough to change out the filling and spices for your favorite flavors! If the kids aren't fans of zucchini or peppers you can just use the filling in these recipes for using for typical tacos for them. 

Choosing to add healthier carbs like quinoa is your choice and these recipes will be just as delicious even without the quinoa or brown rice. Healthier carbs like quinoa are a better option if you are just starting your healthier eating journey. One thing to note if you are new to sugar free eating is that all carbs do turn to sugar in your body. Some unhealthier carbohydrates like potato chips or a candy bar, cause blood sugar to spike and further cause sugar cravings. Other carbs such as in fruit provide not only vitamins and minerals, but enter your bloodstream slower and will not produce such a blood sugar spike response. Whether or not you are just removing added sugars in your sugar free journey, be aware that the carbs you choose to indulge in can cause sugar cravings. You need to decide which to avoid to keep you on the path that doesn't hinder your ability to live a sustainable sugar free lifestyle.