6 Low-Fat, Low-Calorie Soups

Winter Warmers with Fewer Calories and Less Fat

In general, soup ought to be a wonderful way to improve your nutrition, but many soups are high in fat and calories, and very high in sodium. You've seen the pot roast soups, thick and creamy chowders, chicken and dumplings soups, hearty bisques, and so on. All of them delicious and all very fattening. While there are some good alternatives at the grocery store which are both low in fat and low in sodium, you can make perfectly flavorful, healthy, hearty soups at home, without all the...MORE additives of the store-bought variety. Here are six delicious low-fat, low-calorie soups to get you started.

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    Carrot soup
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    This is a thick and hearty soup, which features carrots, onions, and zucchini spiced with curry powder. If you don't like curry, you could try variations with other spices, including cilantro and cumin for a Southwest zest. It's a great way to use up an abundance of zucchini if you grow them or you have friends who are more than happy to share them with you.

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    Broccoli Soup
    Broccoli Soup. Fiona Haynes

    This low-fat broccoli soup makes a delicious and satisfying lunch, even for those who insist they hate broccoli. The secret to this and other full-bodied low-fat soups is to use potato and some low-fat or nonfat milk, and then purée the soup in a blender. This is a family favorite soup.

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    Cauliflower Soup
    Cauliflower Soup. Fiona Haynes

    What cauliflower lacks in color, it makes up for in nutrients. A member of the same family as broccoli, cabbage, and kale, cauliflower makes a wonderful base for a soup. This is an old family favorite, even among those who wouldn't normally eat cauliflower. This vegan version results in a creamy soup without the cream. It's flavored with dill, but you can experiment with other herbs and seasonings, such as a dash of nutmeg.

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    Tomato Basil Soup
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    Tomato basil soup is really a soup for all seasons, but its bright red color makes it perfect for a Valentine’s Day lunch, don’t you think? Enjoy this delicious, quick and easy low-fat soup with some whole grain bread and a side salad drizzled with your favorite low-fat dressing.

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    This bright green soup is fresh-tasting and wonderfully nutritious. The color is maintained by adding half of the fresh spinach just before blending. It is very low in calories per serving so you can enjoy it with some crusty whole grain bread. If you substitute vegetable broth for chicken broth, it is vegetarian as well.

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    Low Fat Cream of Chicken Soup
    Low Fat Cream of Chicken Soup. Fiona Haynes

    Cream-based soups usually have too much fat, sodium, calories, and preservatives. But if you make your own, you can ensure all of the soul-satisfying flavor while eliminating those elements that can destroy your diet. It starts with fat-free half and half and fat-free milk rather than heavy cream. The vegetables and herbs transform this soup into chicken pot pie without the crust. It's also a chance to use up leftovers any vegetables that have spent too long in your vegetable drawer.