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Low-Fat Dinner & Lunch Recipes

Make healthy, low-fat lunch or dinner for your family with these satisfying and nourishing recipes.
Healthy Baked Lemon Garlic Cod
Baked Lemon Garlic Cod
Perfectly poached chicken breast recipe
How to Make Perfectly Poached Chicken Breasts
Carving a chicken with friends and family.
How to Handle and Carve a Rotisserie Chicken
Turkey chili recipe
Low-Fat Turkey Chili
Low-Fat Spinach and Ricotta Pasta
Low-Fat Spinach and Ricotta Pasta
Healthy spinach soup recipe in two white bowls
Fresh and Healthy Spinach Soup
Taco-Rubbed Flank Steak
Taco-Rubbed Flank Steak
Stir-Fry Salt and Pepper Shrimp
Slow cooker vegetable stew in white bowls with bread and spoons
Slow Cooker Vegetable Stew
Medallions of pork with italian tomato and herb sauce
Glazed Pork Medallions
Turkey and lentil soup
Turkey and Lentil Soup
Low fat spice rubbed cod recipe
Low-Fat Spice-Rubbed Cod
Couscous salad
Couscous Salad
Lentil and Black Bean Soup
Lentil and Black Bean Soup
Low-Fat Skillet Ground Beef and Vegetables
Low-Fat Skillet Ground Beef and Vegetables
Hamburger with salsa
How to Make Delicious Low-Fat Burgers
A white serving plate with crock pot chicken and apples
Crock Pot Chicken and Apples
Broiled halibut
Sesame Ginger Broiled Halibut Recipe
Vegetable lasagna
Low Fat Vegetable Lasagna
Chicken Stew In Crock Pot
Low Fat Crock Pot Chicken and Vegetable Stew
Spinach and Turkey Lasagna
Baked whole trout recipe
Baked Whole Trout With Lemon And Dill
Roast pork with apples and cranberries recipe
Roast Pork With Apples and Cranberries Recipe
Broccoli soup recipe
Low-Fat Broccoli Soup
Several chicken fillets in a roasting dish
Baked Chicken and Rice
Tomato basil soup in a white bowl with pieces of toast
Tomato Basil Soup
Creamy Low-Fat Mushroom Risotto Recipe
Creamy Low-Fat Mushroom Risotto Recipe
Low-fat cream of chicken soup
Low-Fat Cream of Chicken Soup
Lemon Garlic Cod
5 Low Fat Fish and Seafood Recipes
Slow cooker low-calorie beef stew
Slow Cooker Low-Calorie Beef Stew
Pot roast, wild mushrooms, mashed butternut squash
Low-Fat Slow Cooker Pot Roast
Low cal ham and turkey wrap
Low-Calorie Ham and Turkey Wrap
Low fat spaghetti and meatballs
Low-Fat Spaghetti and Meatballs Recipe
Carrot zucchini soup
Carrot and Zucchini Soup
Portobello Mushrooms On Barbeque Grill
Meaty Broiled Portobello Mushrooms