15 Refreshing Sorbet Recipes for Keeping Cool

These Frozen Treats Are Also Dairy Free

Peach sorbet

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During the hot summer months, nothing cools you off like a sweet summer treat. Whether you are avoiding dairy products for health reasons or want to eat lighter this summer, these delicious sorbet recipes will fit the bill, pleasing adults and kids alike. Most of the recipes call for four ingredients or less and don't require an ice cream machine: combine the ingredients, pour them into a shallow pan or cookie sheet, and place them in the freezer until set. Scoop up the ice with a spoon, blend again in a food processor or blender, and freeze once more for the smoothest texture.

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    Sugar-Free Orange Sorbet


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    Enjoy everything you love about a creamsicle without the dairy in this surprisingly luscious orange sorbet. Coconut milk adds a mildly nutty flavor to the delicious summertime treat, but you could also substitute another dairy-free milk, such as unsweetened almond milk or cashew milk.

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    Easy Lemon Sorbet

    Easy Lemon Sorbet with Fresh Lemon Zest

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    A bright-tasting lemon sorbet is a warm-weather classic. This recipe includes lots of lemon zest and juice for an intensely citrusy treat. Serve as dessert after a dinner of grilled fish or poultry, adding it to bowls with gingersnaps or meringues for a fancy finishing touch.

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    Strawberry Basil Sorbet

    Strawberry Basil Sorbet

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    Garden-fresh strawberry basil sorbet is a delicious way to make the most of seasonal summer ingredients. The herbs pair beautifully with the sweet berries. Decorate bowls with basil leaves for an elegant presentation at the table.

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    Watermelon Sorbet

    Watermelon Sorbet

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    Nothing says summer quite like the refreshing, juicy burst of watermelon. Here, it infuses a simple, four-ingredient fruit sorbet with plenty of wonderful flavor. Serve it as a light, cooling dessert at summer cookouts or an after-day camp treat for kids.

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    Dragon Fruit Frozen Sorbet

    Dragon Fruit Frozen Sorbet

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    The tropical and sweet dragon fruit is the star ingredient in this stunning sorbet that makes a fabulous end to any Thai or Mexican-themed summer meal. Your guests will ooh and aah at its gorgeous magenta color, and its delicate flavor is a crowd pleaser.

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    Vegan Chocolate Sorbet

    Vegan Chocolate Sorbet

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    Eating vegan, but still craving the creamy texture and rich flavor of traditional ice cream? Make this vegan chocolate sorbet, which omits dairy ingredients, is low in calories, and can be made without an ice cream maker. Use high-quality vanilla extract for the best flavor results.

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    Matcha Green Tea Sorbet

    Directly Above Shot of Matcha Tea In Bowl On Table

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    Millennial gatherings call for desserts that are trendy and health-conscious. Your squad will cheer for this cooling green sorbet made with the healthy goodness of Japanese matcha tea powder. It is so easy to put together, with only three ingredients and no ice cream maker required.

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    Peach Sorbet

    Peach sorbet

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    Fresh peach sorbet makes awesome use of the ripe summer fruit. Serve this pretty treat topped with almond cookies for an elegant ending to summer dinners, or in bowls or cones as a kid-friendly treat. It is super-easy to make using the blender, with no ice cream maker required.

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    Grape Sorbet

    Grape Sorbet

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    Kids and adults alike will gobble up this grape sorbet that's so simple to make. Use seedless green grapes or red grapes for this three-ingredient recipe, which comes together quickly in your food processor or blender and is finished in an ice cream maker.

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    Fig Sorbet

    Whole and sliced figs

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    Fresh figs, sugar, and a little lemon juice are all you need to make an elegant summer fig sorbet that makes a perfect dessert at dinner parties. The richness of the figs makes this a treat to remember. Make sure to leave some of the crunchy fig seeds intact for added texture.

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    Fresh Blackberry Sorbet With Lemon

    Fresh Blackberry Sorbet With Lemon

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    Fresh blackberry sorbet delivers a wallop of sweet, berrylicious flavor, and its intensely purple hue looks pretty on your summer dining table. This grown-up recipe sneaks in a tablespoon of vodka to produce a fluffy, aerated quality in the finished sorbet.

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    Apple Cider Dessert Sorbet

    Apple Cider Dessert Sorbet

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    Nicely-spiced apple cider sorbet is a flavorful way to use up fresh fall fruit and makes an elegant iced dessert at dinner parties. Using cider instead of apple juice adds richness and complexity to this recipe that welcomes a crispy sugar cookie placed on top. Add optional rum for a tasty grown-up treat.

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    Cantaloupe Sorbet

    Cantaloupe Sorbet

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    Cantaloupe sorbet is a fabulous way to celebrate a popular summer melon. Pureeing cantaloupe in the blender with a little bit of sugar and water gives it a remarkably creamy, luscious texture that could easily be mistaken for ice cream.

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    Easy Blueberry Sorbet

    Easy Blueberry Sorbet

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    Fresh blueberries lend their deeply-sweet flavor to this simply delicious sorbet. A little bit of lemon juice and salt are added to the sugar syrup that dresses the berries to boost their flavor and add balance to their natural sweetness.

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    French Lime Sorbet

    French Lime Sorbet

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    The bright green color and zingy flavor of this lime-infused iced sorbet make it a fantastic palate cleanser as well as a pleasing dessert after a summertime dinner of grilled fish. Try topping it with fresh raspberry sauce for a beautiful presentation.