4 Low-Sugar, Dairy-Free Sorbet Recipes

During the hot summer months, nothing cools you off like a sweet summer treat. Whether you are new to a sugar-free diet or have been eating sugar-free for a long time, you don't have to avoid eating desserts. Sorbet is a great option that is easy to make without sugar and will be just as tasty.

If you make it for guests and don't tell them, many won't even know it's sugar-free. These recipes have no added sugar but do contain natural sugar. Choosing desserts that are made with natural sugars from fruit may or may not derail your sugar-free lifestyle. If you feel comfortable with it, try eating some fruit or fruit sorbets and see if they impact your sugar cravings and feelings throughout the day.

If the recipe calls for a sweetener, feel free to swap the product in the recipe with your favorite sweetener. If you are dairy-free, all of these recipes are made without any dairy products.

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    All Natural Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet

    Scoop of raspberry sorbet
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    This delicious summer treat is sure to please, and even the kids will love helping prepare it! It's made with strawberries so there will be natural sugar present and if that isn't an issue for you, this recipe will be a perfect all natural option for the family. The mix of sour lemon and sweet strawberries provides a tasty flavor contrast. The bright pink color from the berries is sure to please. 

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    Simple Watermelon Sorbet

    Watermelon Sorbet
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    Since watermelon is so tasty and delicious all summer long, this simple recipe showcases the refreshing taste of the watermelon. It's also a great way to use up leftover watermelon if you have any extra. The sorbet is made with just one ingredient, so if you have a watermelon, you are ready to go! Depending on how sweet your watermelon is, you can decide if you need to add any sweetener at all to the recipe. For an elegant topping, add a few sprigs of mint leaves prior to serving. 

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    Sugar-Free Dairy-Free Chocolate Sorbet

    Scoops of chocolate icecream
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    When it's a hot summer day and a chocolate craving strikes, this chocolate sorbet is the answer. It is only 15 calories per serving, so feel free to indulge and enjoy. The recipe is super easy and results in a creamy sorbet without any fat. This is a tasty treat that can be made ahead of time and brought to any cookout or summer party. If you are eating sugar-free, bringing your own desserts is a great way to maintain your diet, introduce others to tasty offerings, and still eat desserts with other guests. 

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    Sugar Free Orange Sorbet

    orange sorbet
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    This orange sorbet recipe has no natural sugars in it. The recipe includes just a hint of orange flavor and is completely dairy-free thanks to the coconut milk. If you're not a fan of coconut milk, simply substitute it for another dairy-free milk such as unsweetened almond milk or cashew milk.