The 11 Best Mail Order Turkeys for Thanksgiving 2020

Find the right kind of bird for your holiday menu

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Harry and David

"Choose from a wide variety of turkey options, from roasted to smoked and whole or sliced."

Best Free-Range: Fossil Farms

"This company prides themselves in their free-range turkeys that are never given antibiotics, steroids, or hormones."

Best Fresh: Williams Sonoma

"Options include smoked, roasted and herb-roasted whole turkeys, stuffed turkey breast, and more, so you'll find whatever you need."

Best Heritage Bird: D’Artagnan

"This company offers organic free-range, bone-in-breast, fresh or frozen turkeys, ranging from 8 to 24 pounds."

Best Roast: Rastelli's

"At 104 ounces, it’s enough meat to feed a small crowd, and the preparation couldn’t be simpler."

Best Complete Thanksgiving Dinner: Omaha Steaks

"Get your whole meal from one place, including the turkey, sides, dessert, and even appetizers for noshing."

Best Smoked: Nueske’s

"Choose a whole or sliced smoked turkey with or without a honey glaze, or select a combo of ham and turkey breast for more variety."

Best Fried: Uncle Ray’s Fried Turkeys

"You can choose from Uncle Ray's famous Cajun mild or signature spicy turkey, depending on how much your family likes spice."

Best Pre-Cooked: Burgers’ Smokehouse

"Choose from more than five different types of roasted and smoked turkeys to get the one that will best match your favorite side."

Best for Large Gatherings: Elmwood Stock Farm

"Whether you're dishing up one extra-large bird or prefer to cook a few smaller ones instead, Elwood Stock Farm has what you need."

Sure, you can go to the grocery store and buy a basic frozen turkey, but it's no secret there are many more choices available online. You can find everything from heritage birds that are not at all like the ones you see at the grocery store, to cooked birds that you simply have to heat, slice, and serve. Whether you’re craving something different, or simply looking for a free-range and organic bird, you can order online and make the dinner exactly what you want. Even better, many of these sellers offer great turkeys available all year long.

Here are the best mail order turkeys to help you enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving feast.

Best Overall: Harry and David

Harry & David's

Courtesy of Harry & David's

Known for fruit baskets and nut selections, Harry and David is also one of the best places to order Thanksgiving turkeys online, whether you want roasted or smoked, whole or sliced. You can also buy a complete meal, so you won’t even have to worry about side dishes. The fun doesn’t stop there—you can pick up some relish, buy a platter to serve the food on, or pick up an extra dessert or two. If you'd rather not carve a bird at the table, a turkey and stuffing Wellington might be the perfect way to celebrate.

Best Free-Range: Fossil Farms

Thanksgiving turkey

 Fossil Farms

Fossil Farms sells turkeys that are humanely raised in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, where they are free to roam and they’re fed with a variety of grains. These Nicholas breed turkeys are never given antibiotics, steroids, or hormones. Turkeys are available in a wide variety of sizes to feed just about any gathering. For more adventurous diners, you can supplement Thanksgiving dinner with game birds, ostrich, or perhaps a goose.

Best Fresh: Williams Sonoma

Thanksgiving turkey

 Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma may not be the name you think of when it comes to turkeys, but they’ve got the connections to get a fresh turkey shipped right to your door. The turkeys are raised on a natural diet at the Willie Bird Ranch in California, where they’re allowed to roam free. Order fresh or select a pre-cooked option including smoked, roasted and herb-roasted whole turkeys, stuffed turkey breast, and more. They’re shipped directly from the ranch and arrive chilled, so there’s no need for thawing.

Best Heritage Bird: D’Artagnan

Thanksgiving turkey


D'Artagnan has earned a reputation as one of the best places to buy mail-order turkeys and other gourmet meats. D'Artagnan's turkeys are 100-percent natural, farm-raised heritage birds. The company offers organic free-range, bone-in-breast, fresh or frozen turkeys, ranging from 8 to 24 pounds. 

Best Roast: Rastelli’s

Rastelli's Turkey Roast
Courtesy of Rastelli's 

If you’re looking for a turkey dinner that’s as easy as it is fresh and delicious, Rastelli’s has you covered with its already seasoned, all-white meat turkey breast roast. At 104 ounces, it’s enough meat to feed a small crowd, and the preparation couldn’t be simpler. Shipped frozen, the turkey will need to thaw in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. Then, keep it in the bag, place it in a roasting pan, and pop it into the oven for around 2 hours. 

This family-run business raises its turkey on American Humane Association-certified family farms in North Carolina. You can rest assured the meat is antibiotic, steroid, and hormone-free.

Best Complete Thanksgiving Dinner: Omaha Steaks

Thanksgiving turkey

Omaha Steaks

You might not have thought of Omaha Steaks as the place to order your Thanksgiving dinner, but maybe it's time you do. Unlike some sellers that have a set meal with no substitutions, Omaha Steaks starts with the turkey, then lets you choose a side, a dessert, and a free item. Want more sides? You can choose more items separately. Omaha Steaks even has appetizers, if your family likes to nosh a bit before the main event.

Best Smoked: Nueske’s

Nueske's Smoked Turkey

Courtesy of Nueske's Smoked Turkey

If you’re looking for a smoked turkey, why not get it from a company that specializes in smoked foods, like Nueske’s? You can choose a whole smoked turkey, a smoked turkey breast with or without a honey glaze, or a combo of ham and smoked turkey breast for even more variety. Tired of turkey? You can also get a smoked duck.

Best Fried: Uncle Ray’s Fried Turkeys

Thanksgiving Turkey

Uncle Ray's Fried Turkey

For fried turkey without the hassle, consider a pick from Uncle Ray's Fried Turkeys. In no time, the fried turkey will be at your door—and you won’t have to invest in all of the turkey frying accessories. You can choose from either mild or spicy turkey to suit your family's taste. All it needs is an hour in the oven (after thawing) and it will be ready for serving, so you can concentrate on all your favorite side dishes. Unlike companies that sell a huge variety of products, Uncle Ray’s only sells fried turkeys, so you know they've got it down to a science.

Best Pre-Cooked: Burgers’ Smokehouse

Thanksgiving turkey

Whether you want a whole turkey, a half-turkey, or a turkey breast, Burger’s Smokehouse has you covered. But that’s not the end of the choices. You can choose hickory-smoked turkey, pepper-coated smoked and cooked turkey, honey-roasted turkey, or herb-roasted turkey. If you’re looking for more than turkey, there are also combos that include ham. A complete smoked turkey meal is available if you'd like side dishes as well, and it's worth a look at the desserts—just to make sure you haven’t missed something tasty.

Best for Large Gatherings: Elmwood Stock Farm

Thanksgiving turey

Elmwood Stock Farm

When you’re feeding a crowd, Elmwood Stock Farm has enough turkey to feed everyone. You can choose heritage or big-breasted turkeys in a variety of weights, so you serve one large 20-pounder, or choose two or three smaller turkeys, depending on your cooking setup. If your family has favorite parts that they fight over every year, you can supplement your whole bird purchase with extra breasts, legs, thighs, or wings. A giblet gravy pack containing the liver, heart, and neck is also available, or get the small stock-making pack with a wing and leg. With this many choices, you’ll have exactly what you need, no many how many folks you’re feeding.

Best Cajun: Cajun Grocer

 Cajun Grocer

For anyone looking to bring some Cajun spices to Thanksgiving dinner, Cajun Grocer has what you need. For Thanksgiving, you need a turducken—it’s a deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck breast stuffed into a partially deboned turkey. A flavorful stuffing is in the center and between the layers of poultry, adding lots of flavor to the plate. Serving couldn’t be easier—you can simply slice straight through to see the layers, with no bones in the way. You can choose from several different stuffings to customize the meal, including cornbread stuffing and seafood jambalaya.

For a smaller gathering, you can get a smaller turducken roll, where the outer layer is just a turkey breast instead of the whole bird. For an even smaller option, there are stuffed, partially deboned chickens, or you can choose a Cajun stuffed pork tenderloin for something completely different.

Final Verdict

If you're searching for an online shop for all of your Thanksgiving turkey needs and more, Harry & David won't let you down. Looking to change it up with a heritage turkey this year? Check out D'Artagnan for their gourmet selection of birds.

What to Look for in a Mail-Order Turkey

Size: How many people are you hosting for Thanksgiving? Some companies offer a variety of turkey sizes, while others only have one, so you’ll need to calculate how much meat is necessary before you order. The general rule of thumb is you need 1 pound of turkey per guest if you don’t want any leftovers; plan for 1.5 pounds per guest if you want to have meat to spare. 

Precooked: When it comes to mail-order turkeys, you typically have two options: a precooked bird that just needs to be reheated, or a frozen, uncooked turkey that you have to prepare yourself. The best option for you ultimately depends on how much work you want to do on Thanksgiving day.

Flavor: Many companies offer pre-cooked turkeys that are seasoned in various ways. Some are hickory-smoked, some are apple-smoked, and some are even fried! Consider what else you’re serving at Thanksgiving to find the perfect turkey flavor to round out the meal.

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