Make Ahead Frozen Breakfast Recipes

Freezer French Toast

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You can save lots of time and money by making a few breakfast recipes ahead of time and keeping them in the freezer. Just a few minutes in the toaster oven or microwave and a hot, hearty breakfast will be ready and waiting for your hungry family. These make-ahead frozen breakfast recipes are quick and easy to make, delicious to eat, and perfect to have on hand for busy mornings.

These recipes can be easily adjusted to your tastes. If you like spicy foods, especially in the morning, add crushed red pepper flakes, cayenne pepper, or minced jalapeño or habanero peppers, especially to the potato recipes. If you enjoy an unusual cheese, use that instead of the one called for in the recipe. When you make a change in a recipe, be sure to write down what you did so you can reproduce it next time you want to make it.

Be sure to cool the recipe thoroughly before wrapping it for the freezer, or it could become soggy when it's reheated. Always use freezer wrap or containers made especially for the freezer, label the food properly with the date it was made, the recipe name, and thawing and heating instructions. Then enjoy using your freezer like a take-out window!

Make sure that these recipes are properly heated to at least 160 F (tested with a food thermometer) before you eat them. Most should heat up with no problem, but you should still use an instant-read thermometer to make sure. All you need with these recipes is a breakfast smoothie or some orange juice and a mug of hot coffee.

Make Ahead Frozen Breakfast Recipes

  • Bacon Hash Brown Roll-Ups
    Canadian bacon and hash browns are such a wonderful combination in these easy roll-ups. They are savory and delicious.
  • Freezer Breakfast Burritos
    A spicy salsa will retain the best flavor in these easy Mexican breakfast burritos. Make them as mild or as spicy as you'd like.
  • Freezer French Toast
    Make-ahead french toast is just plopped in the oven and baked until hot and crispy. We love this wonderful recipe.
  • Sausage Biscuits
    These little biscuits are filled with savory sausage and melted cheese. They are an excellent appetizer too!