How to Throw a Build-Your-Own-Sandwich Party

Sandwich Party

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Sandwiches have come a long way from PBJs and tuna melts (although those are wonderful, too). Artisan bread, fresh seafood, interesting lettuces, relishes, and chutneys offer the opportunity to create a delicious build-your-own-sandwich buffet party that's easy on the host and just plain fun.

Emphasis on Fresh and Good Quality

The most important tip is to make sure your recipe ingredients are impeccably fresh and top quality. It's easy to find great bread almost everywhere. Consider a walnut-raisin dark bread with a chewy crust, sweet raisins, and crunchy walnuts that is perfect when paired with a simple chicken salad sandwich.

Get Creative

Experiment with different slices of bread for your sandwiches. Try focaccia, toasted raisin bread, ciabatta, croissants, bagels, pita bread, onion rolls, flatbread, or toasted English muffins, or put out flavored tortillas and your guests can make their own wrap sandwiches.

Let your imagination soar when planning this sandwich buffet and recipes. Feel free to substitute for any of the ingredients, and remember that just about every topping, cheese, and meat will mix and match beautifully.

You might want to print out a list of ideas to spark your guest's imagination as they build their own sandwiches. 

How to Set Up

Set up this buffet with the slices of bread in one area, the choice of meats, cheeses, and sandwich fillings next to that with lots of spreading utensils, and condiments last. Plates and lots of napkins are the only tools you need. Keep an eye on the time when you are setting out meats and cheeses for food safety reasons.

All you need to add is some fresh fruit, salads, and cake or homemade candies for dessert, and you've got a party. Consider these menu suggestions:

Sandwich Recipe Suggestions

Fruit Salad Recipe Suggestions

Dessert Recipe Suggestions