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Home made split pea soup
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Have you ever made your own mixes? There are many easy and delicious recipes available, from Hearty Bean Soup Mix to Homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk to Dukka. Make a flavored coffee creamer or your own hot roll mix. With a little organization, some tightly sealed jars and labeling equipment you can have a pantry full of fabulous mixes in no time. It's also wonderful to have recipes for seasoning and herbs blends that may be difficult to find in some parts of the world, like Beau Monde seasoning or Herbs de Provence. Grab some supplies and make your own mixes today!

I have received quite a few emails from readers who are concerned about fat and sodium content in many recipes that call for condensed soups and seasoning mixes. Make your own mixes and you control the sodium and fat content in the foods you eat. On a low sodium diet? Just leave out or reduce the salt or salty products. Want to eat low fat? Substitute low fat ingredients for higher fat ones. As a bonus, you can customize each mix to your taste. And you'll save money too! You can add, subtract, or substitute for just about any herb or spice in these recipes.

There's nothing better than having homemade mixes on hand. They save time because you don't have to run out to the store when a recipe calls for a mix, and they save money because they are cheaper to make than they are to buy. Not to mention that you can control the sodium content of these recipes and not eat lots of artificial ingredients!

Homemade mixes are also one of the best Christmas gifts. I have given my sister-in-law, Nancy, mixes for soups and cookies and she loved them. There's nothing like a personalized gift, beautifully packaged along with recipe cards, to add warmth to the holidays. So grab a pencil and some note paper and start making your own list of friends and family who would love to receive a gift of mixes from your kitchen.

If you want a specific mix recipe, please contact me and I'll include it. In the meantime, enjoy these easy and fun recipes.

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