Making a Strawberry Topped Cake

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    Gather Equipment

    Used with Permission from Michelle Anderson

    A lovely smooth fondant covered cake can be accented with cute fondant strawberries as well as strawberry leaves and blossoms. This type of cake design is simple and takes very little time to produce. It is absolutely perfect for a bridal shower, birthday party or casual summer wedding.

    You will need:

    • White fondant
    • Food gel colors: light and dark pink and leaf green
    • Yellow and dark green luster dust
    • Non-stick board
    • Rolling pin
    • Paint brushes
    • Ruler
    • Corn starch
    • Dresden and veining tool or another pointy tool
    • ...MORESmall 5 petal blossom plunger, two sizes
    • Leaf cutter or plunger, several sizes
    • Calyx cutter

    Knead the fondant until it is very smooth and separate it into four balls, three of a similar size and one about half as big as the other two. Tint the larger balls dark pink, light pink and green and leave the small ball white. Now you are ready to start making your strawberries and flowers!

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    Cut Out White Flowers

    Used with Permission from Michelle Anderson
    You can start with any of the different elements of this design but the white small flowers are a logical point to begin. Roll out the white fondant thinly on the non-stick board dusted with cornstarch and use the small blossom cutters to cut out a flower.
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    Create Veins on Flowers

    Used with Permission from Michelle Anderson
    Place the plunger section of the cutter into the accompanying veiner and press to imprint the blossom. Release the flower onto a plate or board and repeat the process using different sized plungers until you have the right number of flowers.
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    Add Color to Flowers

    Used with Permission from Michelle Anderson
    When the little white flowers are dry take a small paintbrush and apply a tiny bit of yellow luster dust in the center of all the flowers. Set the blossoms aside and turn your attention to the leaves.
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    Use Plunger Cutter to Make Leaves

    Used with Permission from Michelle Anderson
    Wipe off the board with a damp clean cloth and dust it with cornstarch. Roll out the green fondant very thinly and use a leaf cutter and plunger to cut out the leaves. Use your fingers to pinch the tips of the leaves slightly and create a slightly cupped appearance. Most real leaves are not completely flat. Since the leaf plunger has a vein imprint in it you do not have to use a silicone veiner.
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    Make Different Leaves for Variation

    Used with Permission from Michelle Anderson
    Use several different sized leaf plungers to create variation. Do not use all your green fondant because you will also need it for the calyx on the berries.
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    Color Leaves with Luster Dust

    Used with Permission from Michelle Anderson
    Let the leaves dry slightly and then use a flat paintbrush to dust the surface of the leaves lightly with green luster dust. This will highlight the veins on the leaf and create an end product that is not completely uniform in color.
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    Make Strawberries Out of Fondant

    Used with Permission from Michelle Anderson

    The strawberries are the most fun aspect of this design. They are very simple to create. To start making the strawberries simply roll all the pink and dark pink fondant into different sized balls to mimic a variation of berries. Make sure the balls are very smooth and the largest ball is in proportion to the leaves and blossoms. Take the balls of fondant and model each into a shape like a strawberry. The quickest method is to make egg shapes and then slightly flatten the fat end of the egg.

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    Indent all Strawberries

    Used with Permission from Michelle Anderson
    Then take a veining tool or Dresden tool and make indents all over the surface of each strawberry. Try not to create a set pattern because real strawberries don’t have little lines of indents on their surface, it is more random.
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    Make Calyxes for Strawberries

    Used with Permission from Michelle Anderson
    Now that you know how many strawberries you have for the design you can cut out the calyx for the tops. The best tool for this is a calyx cutter but you can also use a six or five petal cutter. Roll out the leftover green fondant on a cornstarch ducted board and cut out as many calyx pieces as you will need for the number of berries completed.
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    Wet the Top of Each Berry

    Used with Permission from Michelle Anderson
    Use a paintbrush to apply a little water to the tops of your berries.Don't use too much liquid or the calyx will slide right off your strawberry.
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    Place Calyx on Berries

    Used with Permission from Michelle Anderson
    Press a calyx onto the top of each strawberry firmly. Use the end of the paintbrush to make an indent in the center of the calyx.
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    Finish all the Strawberries

    Used with Permission from Michelle Anderson
    Finish all your strawberries and let them dry completely.
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    Use Strawberries,Flowers and Leaves on Cake

    Used with Permission from Michelle Anderson
    After the strawberries, leaves, and blossoms are dry you can store them in boxes or airtight containers in a dry cool location until you need them. When your cake is set up and covered with a lovely smooth fondant layer it is time to arrange the strawberries and accompanying leaves and blossoms on the cake. You can place them wherever you think looks pretty taking care to put some on each layer. There is no right or wrong placement with this type of design.