Making the Most of Pork Loin

The Other White Meat Gets Made Over and Over

This is the first in a series of articles/recipes that demonstrate a featured recipe and then offers a schedule and additional recipes to use the leftovers. The featured recipe usually requires some time and, sometimes, effort but the leftover recipes are all quick and easy enough for a weeknight meal. In this article, we'll make the most of a pork loin roast.

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    Roasted pork loin
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    The trick to a juicy, tender, flavorful pork loin is slow cooking at a low temperature and not overcooking it (pork is perfect when cooked to a maximum of 145 degrees - slightly pink). The problem is it doesn’t brown at a low temperature. The solution: brown it first on the stove, then cook it in the oven. This recipe is great for a Sunday meal but you'll want an approximately 3-pound roast to have enough leftovers - it may take an additional 15 minutes to cook. Use your meat thermometer to...MORE test for doneness. Follow the "Try this…" suggestions at the bottom of the page for side dishes.

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    Monday - Leftover Roasted Pork Loin

    Roasted pork loin
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    My feeling is that if you go to the trouble to make something like a pork roast you should almost always eat it twice in its original splendor. So just cut off a couple of more slices, warm them either briefly in the oven or a minute or two in a microwave at half power. To change it up, simply make a new side dish such as baby peas, corn or a green salad. I have a feeling you won't feel that the next three meals seem like leftovers. Plus, they are done in a jiffy - 15 to 30 minutes, start to...MORE finish.

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    Mexican rice
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    Cube a couple of slices of pork (you'll need about 1 heaping cup of 1/4-inch pork cubes). Make the rice (doubling the recipe) and just before you cover it, stir in the cubed pork. Serve with all the usual Mexican condiments: sour cream, grated cheese, guacamole and salsa. This is not only a complete meal but is economical as well. If you want something more, a slice of melon is a perfect compliment. (30 minutes, start to finish)

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    Cuban Sandwich
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    Foodies sneer at this sandwich because of its yellow mustard and simple dill pickles. But sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts as this sandwich proves. If you don't want to stop at the store (or didn't think) to buy ham and salami, it's good just with the roast pork. If you don't have a way to grill the sandwiches, wrap them in foil and then heat in a 375-degree oven for 15 minutes. (20 minutes, start to finish)

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    Gunt, or pork stroganoff, with rice
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    I know it's a horrible name. But it's a delicious dish. One of my roommates in college came up with it and 30-plus years later I still make it. It's a version of beef stroganoff made with leftover roast beef, lamb, pork or chicken. Over the years I've upgraded the quality while remaining true to its collegiate origins.

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    Other Options

    Pork and vegetable stir-fry
    Easy way to make another meal out of pork leftovers. Credit: Ian O'Leary

    Make some rice then stir-fry some vegetables. Cut the pork into strips and toss it into the skillet for the last minute of cooking and serve with soy sauce, hoisin sauce or sweet and sour sauce. Another idea is to make some mushroom and onion gravy, warm up slices of pork and serve it on English muffins topped with the gravy. Or you could try cubing the pork, adding it to a green salad, and dressing the salad with this Soy Vinaigrette.