15 Winning Ways to Use Leftover Roast Pork

The other white meat gets made over and over

So you made a delightful roast pork loin for dinner. Now, you have a fridge full of leftovers. Don't just reheat it and eat the same old meal. Instead, try one of these excellent ways to use up that extra meat!

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    Mexican Rice With Pork

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    If you like rice, you'll love this recipe for Mexican rice. You can make it with leftover brown or white rice, or make a new batch, adding just a few diced vegetables and seasonings for flavor. Chop up a cup or so of leftover pork and add it just before the simmer for a filling and delicious meal.

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    Pork-Stuffed Cuban Sandwich

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    This meaty pressed sandwich with Swiss cheese and mustard makes a great lunch or a light dinner, all with a Cuban twist. If you can't find Cuban bread, Italian will work just as well. Add a few slices of salami for a salty kick. Get good-quality pickles to elevate it to special occasion status.

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    Try 'Grunt' for a Take on Beef Stroganoff

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    If you are looking for an easy meal for busy weeknights, grunt to the rescue! This take on Beef Stroganoff uses leftover pork instead. It comes together with a few additional ingredients you probably already have in the fridge. Consider the dinner dilemma solved.

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    Easy Pork and Noodle Bake

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    Make this easy, warming casserole for a quick and cheap weeknight dinner. Cook your noodles slightly al dente so they don't get mushy and feel free to use whichever shape you've got on hand. Instead of browning the pork first, add the leftover meat after you sauté the carrots and celery.

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    Pork and Spaghetti Casserole

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    Do you have a can of cream of mushroom soup, frozen mixed vegetables, and spaghetti in your kitchen? If so, you're already halfway to this cheap and delicious casserole. You can also make your own bechamel sauce if you want to get more creative or want to avoid processed canned soup.

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    Leftover Pork Pot Pie

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    You've probably had chicken pot pie, but you can make this pastry-topped dinner with pork, too. This recipe calls for making your own pie crust, but feel free to use a prepared puff pastry or pie crust, instead.  If snap peas aren't your style, substitute whichever vegetables you prefer.

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    Quick Pork and Rice Casserole

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    This creamy rice casserole comes together quickly for a filling meal that your whole family will love. Add diced carrots or peas for extra nutrition and a pop of color. Round it all out with a side salad and you've got a great second-day dinner.


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    Greek Meat Hand Pie

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    This Greek pie recipe calls for beef or lamb, but it works just as well with pork, too. Make sure you take your phyllo out of the refrigerator or freezer ahead of time and thaw according to the package directions. You can adjust the spices to align with your original pork roast preparation. It works wonderfully for either a hot lunch or dinner!

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    Delectable Pork Pita Wraps

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    If you live in a major city, you may have tried popular street truck Gyros. You can make your own at home with leftover roast pork. Just grab a flat pita (the pocket kind are too thick), some fresh tomato and onion, tzatziki sauce, and wrap it all up. Using the slightly sour sumac will give it that authentic taste, but you can leave it out, too. In Greece, many people add french fries to their pita wraps, so feel free to do the same!

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    Pork Chop Suey
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    This fantastic chop suey recipe calls for fresh pork, but you can also make it with your roast pork leftovers. Use bok choy, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and a bell pepper for the most classic Chinese flavor. Substitute broccoli for bok choy, if you prefer. Serve it over white rice and you've got yourself a filling dinner.

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    Pork and Vegetable Chow Mein
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    Instead of ordering Chinese takeout, whip up this one-dish chow mein. Slicing your leftover pork nice and thin will help it blend with the noodles and vegetables. This great fridge-cleaning recipe can use whatever vegetables you have on hand. Make sure you use fresh ginger instead of ground for that signature zing.

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    Pad See Ew With Leftover Pork

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    When using leftover pork to make this variation on a Pad See Ew recipe, no need to marinate it. Just skip right to step six and stir-fry the vegetables and the pork together. Rice noodles can be fragile, but don't worry about separating them perfectly since a few clumps will also prevent breakage.

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    Leftover Pork and Potato Hash

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    Grab your skillet for this easy way to use up your leftover pork loin. You can use cream of mushroom or celery soup in this simple hash recipe, or make your own white sauce. This versatile recipe encourages freestyling, so have fun with it!

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    Mashed Potato and Pork Casserole

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    This pork twist on Cottage or Shepherd's Pie will give your leftover pork new life. If you serve baked or mashed potatoes with the pork loin on the first night, this follow-up comes together even quicker. Top the taters with shredded cheese for an extra decadent dish.

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    Spicy Pork Jambalaya

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    If you like your dinner with a little spice, give this zippy jambalaya a try. Diced leftover pork and Andouille sausage provide protein to this rice and black-eyed peas combination. Cajun seasoning and cayenne pepper give it that kick. Add less of both for a milder meal or substitute Andouille for a less spicy sausage if heat isn't your thing.