The Top 10 Maple Candy Recipes

Mad for maple? Then you'll love this list of maple candy recipes. From maple fudge to maple truffles and everything in between, there's a maple recipe here to suit your sweet tooth.

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    Maple Walnut Fudge
    (c) Elizabeth LaBau

    Maple Walnut Fudge has a silky-smooth texture and a wonderful fall flavor from real maple syrup and crunchy toasted walnuts.

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    Maple Fondant Acorns
    (c) 2014 Elizabeth LaBau

    Maple Fondant Acorns are cute balls of maple fondant formed into acorn shapes and decorated with a chocolate-and-nut acorn cap. The combination of sweet, creamy maple fondant, bittersweet chocolate, and salty nuts is irresistible.

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    Maple Buttermilk Truffles
    (c) 2014 Elizabeth LaBau
    Bring a taste of breakfast to your candy making! Maple Buttermilk Truffles are white chocolate truffles with the tangy taste of buttermilk and the sweet flavor of maple. To reinforce the breakfast connection I topped each with a mini waffle-patterned cookie, but that step is completely optional.
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    Maple Pecan Brittle

    Maple Pecan Brittle
    (c) 2014 Elizabeth LaBau

    Maple Pecan Brittle is a buttery toffee with a robust maple flavor and a nice crunch from toasted pecans.

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    Maple Fondant
    (c) 2014 Elizabeth LaBau
    Maple Fondant is a smooth, creamy candy filling with a bold maple taste from real maple syrup. Try pairing this sweet fondant with dark chocolate and salted pistachios for a delicious fall treat.
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    Maple Caramel Truffles
    (c) 2014 Elizabeth LaBau

    The maple flavor shines in these deliciously indulgent Maple Caramel Truffles. A sweet and chewy caramel made from real maple syrup is coated with rich chocolate and topped with a sliver of toasted pecan.

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    Maple Ginger Fudge

    Maple Ginger Fudge
    (c) 2014 Elizabeth LaBau, licensed to, Inc.

    The warm, homey taste of maple is paired with spicy ginger in this unusual and delicious Maple Ginger Fudge. I love the combination of ground ginger and chopped candied ginger that gives this fudge an extra punch of flavor.

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    Maple Fudge
    Foodcollection RF / Foodcollection / Getty Images

    Maple syrup and toasted pecans make this smooth fudge taste like autumn! I sometimes like to chop the pecans very finely, so that they are speckled throughout the fudge, but you can leave them in larger chunks if you prefer.

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    maple creams
    (c) 2007 Elizabeth LaBau, licensed to, Inc.

    Maple extract gives these smooth, creamy candies their distinctive taste. They are delicious topped with nuts, or you can try dipping them in chocolate if you prefer.

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    Elizabeth LaBau

    Maple leaves are made from pure maple syrup with a touch of butter. The result is a sweet candy with an intense maple flavor. If you're a true maple lover, I recommend using the darker Grade B syrup for a more robust maple taste.