Marian Blazes

Marian has had a lifelong interest in food and cooking. She lived in Lima, Peru for four years with her husband and three children, where they were overwhelmed by the amazing food Peru has to offer. Marian received a degree in pastry from Le Cordon Bleu Peru cooking school.


When Marian and her family moved to Peru, her baking skills were suddenly in demand from fellow expatriates who missed bagels and other American pastries. Marian is fluent in Spanish, and she and her husband have traveled extensively in Peru and other South American countries, where they have enjoyed the opportunity to learn about South American cuisine and culture.


Marian received a degree in Pastry Arts from The Cordon Bleu Peru in Lima. The two year program included an extensive course of Peruvian and South American pastelería as well as traditional French pastry education.

Marian Blazes

My time living here in Peru was quite a culinary adventure. I had the good fortune to meet many people from Peru and other South American countries who have shared their knowledge of their country's cuisine, teaching me new things and sharing recipes. South America is in the midst of a gastronomic boom of sorts: new restaurants, cooking schools, and gastronomic tours for visitors are cropping up everywhere. It is impossible to live there without becoming obsessed with food. Happily, many Latin ingredients are now more widely available in the US and other countries. South American food is simply fantastic, and the variety of flavors astounding. You would need more than one lifetime to explore it all, but I'm eager to share what I have learned so far.

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