Master Forge 4-Burner Gas Grill Model #P3018 - Discontinued

Master Forge 4-Burner Gas Grill Model #P3018
Master Forge 4-Burner Gas Grill Model #P3018. L G Sourcing Inc. (a Lowes Subsidiary)

The Bottom Line

This model has been discontinued.

Master Forge is a Lowes owned and imported brand of gas grills. Only Lowes stands behind this product and since they don't offer service and support for the grills they carry it is a mystery who will take responsibility for this one. All in all, it is one of the "too good to be true" grills that populate so many big box stores these days. After all this one offers a large cooking area, large amounts of stainless steel, a side-mounted infrared searing burner, and a rear mounted infrared rotisserie burner (though the rotisserie kit is sold separately). Now package that all up for well under $400USD.

  • Loaded with features

  • Lightweight internal components

  • Low-grade stainless steel

  • Comes with a standard rotisserie burner, but rotisserie kit is optional

  • Long term support is an unknown


  • Four 12,000 BTU stainless steel tubular burners
  • 540 square inches of primary grilling space for a total cooking area of 738 square inches
  • 48,000 BTU maximum output from the main burners
  • 12,000 BTU ceramic type infrared side searing burner with griddle
  • 10,000 BTU rear mounted infrared rotisserie burner
  • Lightweight porcelain coated stamped steel cooking grates
  • 430 series stainless steel and powder coated steel construction
  • Electric (AA battery) ignition
  • Cover included; propane tank and rotisserie kit sold separately
  • Imported by L G Sourcing Inc. (a Lowe's owned company) from China exclusively for Lowe's Master Forge brand

Guide Review - Master Forge 4-Burner Gas Grill Model #P3018

This grill is loaded features including an infrared side searing burner, lots of cooking space, a good deal of stainless steel, and a rear mounted infrared rotisserie burner (rotisserie kit not included), all for under $400USD. As part of the Master Forge brand at Lowe's this grill is imported by L G Sourcing Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lowe's Home Improvement Stores. This means if anything goes wrong with this grill only Lowe's stands behind it to offer parts and support, something they haven't done on any other grill before. There is no website for information and the only items you can buy for it are the accessories on the shelves at Lowe's. It will be interesting to find out what Lowes does if (read when) parts on this grill need replacing.

There are a few potential points of failure with this grill. Understandably because you are getting a lot of feature for a low price. One issue is the infrared side burner. Not only is the ceramic infrared tile thin and fragile, leading to cracking which can cause complete failure, but it is wrapped up in an unprotected metal mesh that will corrode quickly once exposed to moisture, or worse, marinades. Of course if this fails the grill still works, you just loose one of the features you paid for.

The other problem, like that of many fancy grills in this price range is the quality of the internal components, particularly the burners. Thin and lightweight these parts cannot take a lot of punishment. Drippings and moisture will quickly cause corrosion. I don't expect this grill to last more than about 3 years before it is corroded beyond repair.

Basically, this grill violated my rules for cookers in this price range. The stainless steel looks great on the showroom floor but isn't of the kind of quality that will retain that appearance. It is better to buy a grill in this price range without stainless steel body parts. Also, this grill is loaded up with features. If you are looking for a basic unit why do you need an infrared side searing burner? So you can sear one steak at a time. Also, most good grills do great rotisserie without the rotisserie burner. While a nice feature, it would be better to get a more basic grill with better quality construction.