Top Meal-Kit Services for Families

A picture of a family cooking together
Meal kit services deliver everything you need to prepare a fresh meal right to your front door. Photo © ONOKY / Eric Audras / Getty Images

Busy parents don't have a lot of time to spend planning family meals, shopping for groceries and then preparing delicious meals in the kitchen. But they still have little mouths to feed. Meal-kit services to the rescue. With the top meal-kit services in your arsenal, you can have everything you need to have a family meal together without having to sit in line at a drive-through.

These meal-kit services are arranged alphabetically and have a variety of perks to fit every family's budget and personal tastes. They offer a great service that keeps you from digging through the freezer for a TV dinner while elevating dishes to a fine dining level with fresh ingredients.

Please be aware that if anyone in your family has food allergies, you should contact the meal-kit service company before placing an order because many prepare ingredients like nuts, shellfish, and other common allergens within the same facility.

Blue Apron

Many meal-kit services seem to cater more to the two-person household with options to add on more servings. But that can quickly add up. Blue Apron is different in that respect because you can choose between a two-person plan or a family plan that will yield four servings.

Blue Apron delivers nationwide for free and each order contains your ingredients and recipe cards with beautiful photos so you can see what the dish is supposed to look like when complete. Meals take about 35 minutes to prepare.

Sample Menu:

  • Crunchy pork chops with summer squash slaw and roasted potato wedges
  • Chipotle-spiced chicken with pepita rice and zucchini-tomato salad
  • Flat iron steaks with arugula-walnut and panzanello

The menu changes each week and not a single recipe is repeated in a year. So you can always expect new, tasty meals to choose from for your order.

About $140 for four meals for a family of four.


Din offers a different approach to most other meal-kit services. Instead of shipping you a bunch of ingredients that you have to start from scratch with, Din does the prep work for you. The company's approach is that restaurants can cook any meal in 20 minutes and you should be able to do the same at home too.

Din's delivery is limited to California and Nevada residents at this time. The company plans to expand to other states in the future.

Sample Menu:

  • Chanterelle and summer squash pizza with fresh fig and lemon cucumber salad
  • Roasted okra and summer vegetables with marinated half chicken
  • Braised pork cheeks with freekeh, curried confit carrots and pickled cherries

Din's service will run you approximately $15 per serving.

Green Blender

If you like to add a smoothie to your day, Green Blender has a unique meal-kit service that's just for you. Instead of getting your typical meal in a box, you get a smoothie in a box.

All of the ingredients for your smoothie, plus a recipe for each one will arrive in your Green Blender box. The company ships five different smoothie recipes and everything you need to make them at home each week. The company currently delivers to customers in the Northeast of the United States.

Sample Menu:

  • Raspberry rhubarb coconut spritzer
  • Watermelon cherry mint
  • Carrot orange creamsicle

Service costs $49 per week.


HelloFresh is one of the most family-friendly meal-service options, budget-wise. The family plan feeds four and you can choose from the classic plan or a vegetarian option.

Each box includes your ingredients and stunning photo recipe cards that are easy to follow. Refrigerated ingredients are kept cold by using frozen bottles of spring water instead of freezer packs. Hello Fresh also offers free delivery nationwide.

Sample Menu:

  • Seared steak and crispy potato salad with tomatoes, green beans, and shallot pan-sauce
  • Coconut and macadamia-nut encrusted tilapia with zucchini, red bell pepper and cilantro-lime forbidden rice
  • Apricot braised turkey with beets and orzo

A family of four can receive three meals per week for around $110-130.


Are you a fan of Southern-inspired food? Then PeachDish is the meal-kit service for your family. The company tries to source fresh ingredients seasonally and regionally from its home base in Atlanta, Georgia.

If you have a large family or you're having a get-together, PeachDish can accommodate you with a generous 12 servings. Or you can order for as few as two people.

Sample Menu:

  • Chicken breasts with field peas and cornbread
  • Grass-fed cheeseburgers with caramelized onions and roasted zucchini sticks
  • Pork porterhouse and succotash

Four servings cost about $50, six servings $70, eight servings $90 and 12 servings $130.


Variety is the keyword for Plated. The company offers a full week's meal selections and even dessert. The downside is Plated's meal-kit services are geared toward two-person households.

Each box comes with your ingredients, colorful recipe cards, and even tips to help you learn how to become a better home cook. Plated does deliver nationwide with the exception of a few cities.

Sample Menu:

  • Steak frites, creamy shallot sauce, and sauteed spinach
  • Blood orange wild Alaskan salmon with brown butter gnocchi
  • Pan-roasted chicken with bulgur, raisins and pine nuts

Four meals for a two-person household cost under $100 and dessert can be added for less than $5 per serving. Shipping will cost $6 if your order is less than $50.