Meals Under Ten Dollars

Inexpensive Dinner Menus

Tortellini with Peas. Linda Larsen

Are you searching for meal ideas under ten dollars? These delicious and inexpensive dinner menus (plus some breakfast and lunch ideas!) will help you feed a family of four for ten dollars. Or less. My book Everything Meals on a Budget is the source for some of these recipes, but others are tried and true old fashioned choices from my mother and grandmothers.

The cost for these recipes was calculated using and You will probably be able to find foods for less, but since prices are going up every second, I feel safe using these comparable stores. And remember that these prices are only an educated guess. No one can predict the price of any food around the world at any one time. There's no guarantee that the prices listed here will equal the prices in your area, so please take that into consideration.

At any rate, to save money on meals, make a list (and stick to it!), shop for bargains, use coupons, stock up when something is on sale, and don't let food go to waste. Know the cost of basic foods and comparison shop. I've found, when looking up prices online, that they vary tremendously. Also be sure when you're comparing foods that you're comparing the same thing. A can of tomato sauce with onion and spices isn't the same thing as a can of plain sauce.

Enjoy these inexpensive and delicious ten dollar meals. And bookmark this page, because I'll be adding regularly to this collection of menus.

Meals Under Ten Dollars

Salmon Orzo Salad Meal for Ten Bucks

Grilled Chicken Sandwich Meal for Under Ten Dollars

Parmesan Chicken Meal for Ten Bucks

Meatballs and Orzo for Ten Dollars

Chicken in Puff Pastry for Ten Dollars

Alpine Meatball Dinner for Under Ten Dollars

Crockpot Potato Soup Meal for Ten Dollars

Crockpot Lemon Chicken for Ten Bucks

My Mom's Meatloaf Dinner for Ten Dollars

Tortellini with Peas Menu for Ten Dollars

Ranch Chicken Meatloaf Dinner (feeds six!) for Ten Dollars

Vegetarian Crockpot Chili Menu for Ten Dollars

Make Ahead Breakfast Menu for Ten Dollars

Pesto Stuffed Burgers for Ten Dollars

No Cook Summer Dinner for Under Ten Bucks

Caesar Chicken Salad Dinner for Ten Dollars

Grilled Chicken for Ten Dollars

Vegetarian Main Dish Salad Dinner for Ten Dollars

Spaghetti Dinner for Under Ten Dollars

Crisp Polenta with Salmon Cream for Under Ten Dollars

Fish 'n Chips Dinner for Ten Dollars

Five Ingredient Creamy Pasta and Ham Meal for Ten Dollars

Pasta with Cheese for Ten Dollars

Cheesy Frittata Dinner for Ten Dollars