Meet the Spruce Team

Yes, We're Real People!

So just who are the delightful, charismatic, brilliant, and humble hosts of The Spruce's "One Thing" series? We're a team of passionate editors with a combined 100+ years experience in the home, lifestyle, and food space. Some of us are published authors, others are passionate cooks, and at least one of us has butchered a wild boar in the jungle (really), but we all love to create useful, easy-to-understand articles and recipes. Learn more about our team below!

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    Eric Handelsman

    Headshot of Eric Handelsman handling pizza dough

    The Spruce/ Jordan Provost

    Eric is the General Manager and Vice President of The Spruce Eats, where he oversees the brand from content and marketing strategy to product and technical development. An avid home cook and lover of all things food-related, Eric's goal is to make the very best recipe site on the internet. As "One Thing's" self-appointed taste tester, you'll usually find him eating all of the things both on and off camera.

    What food or drink are you?

    Tequila—I am really fun and liven up a party, but if I stick around too long you’ll probably get sick of me. Learn more about Eric.

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    Heather Ramsdell

    Headshot of Heather Ramsdell with lettuce

    The Spruce/ Jordan Provost

    In her role as Editorial Director of The Spruce Eats, Heather leads our food editors, recipe developers, and writers in creating recipes, photos, and videos that help people cook, learn about, and celebrate food. She is a trained cook and embraces her identity as a food nerd, has a special love of using kitchen tools for things they were not meant to do, debunking myths, and demystifying ingredients. 

    What food or drink are you?

    Probably an unwieldy cheeseburger. Someday, I will become a strong cup of coffee. Learn more about Heather.

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    Patty Lee

    Spruce Eats editor Patty Lee sugaring donus

    The Spruce/Jordan Provost

    Patty is an Editor for The Spruce Eats, where she oversees a team of recipe developers and food writers in creating mouthwatering dishes and helpful cooking guides. She's a pint-sized foodie with a big appetite and often the first to notice a trend or to try the new restaurant everyone's talking about. On the set of "One Thing," you'll find Patty making easy, delicious recipes and sharing essential cooking tricks—while Instagramming it all.

    What food trend would you like to forget?

    Unicorn everything, because rainbow isn't a flavor! Learn more about Patty.

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    Jess Kapadia

    Headshot of Spruce Eats editor Jess Kapadia with a whisk

    The Spruce/Jordan Provost

    Jess is an Editor for The Spruce Eats, where she manages a team of recipe writers. She's a seasoned content strategist with experience in social media management, branded content, and also hosts a weekly series on The Spruce Eats Instagram. Fearless (she once butchered and pit-barbecued wild boar in a Taiwanese jungle), fun, and eager to help, Jess is looking forward to sharing her favorite recipes and tricks with "One Thing" viewers.

    Which food or drink are you?

    A bowl of rice and dal with a huge dollop of whole milk yogurt, chopped cilantro, mango pickle, and squirt of lime juice, accompanied by a big glass of iced NYC tap water. I call it the "full reset." Learn more about Jess.

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    Heddy Hunt

    Dotdash video producer Heddy Hunt with video camera

    The Spruce/Jordan Provost

    Heddy is a Video Producer at Dotdash and the Producer of the "One Thing" video series. From preproduction to directing and editing, Heddy is completely hands-on in all aspects of the series. During her time at Dotdash she has made over 350 videos, but the "One Thing" series has been her favorite, natch.

    What's the first legit recipe you cooked?

    My mom's cheese biscuits. (They are much better than Red Lobster's.) Learn more about Heddy.

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    Brooke Schuldt

    Brooke Schuldt

    Brooke is the Social Media Editor at The Spruce Eats, where she manages brand growth across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Flipboard, as well as big picture strategy and influencer marketing.

    Learn more about Brooke.