10 Basic Mexican Food Trivia Questions

Tacos de carne
The taco is probably the most iconic of Mexican dishes. photo (c) Swalls / Getty Images

How well do you know Mexican cuisine? We can help you to find out. Whether you do this quiz by yourself or print it out to distribute among the guests at your Mexican-themed party, it will give you a chance to think about some of the best known and loved Mexican food items.

No, don't cheat and skip to the answer section just yet. Read the following questions and write down or remember your responses.

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Mexican Cuisine Basic Trivia Questions

  1. Masa, a ubiquitous ingredient in authentic Mexican cuisine, is made out of what grain?

  2. What two basic ingredients are used to make corn tortillas?

  3. Carne asada is usually made with what type of meat?

  4. This item consists of a filling (often meat, sometimes vegetables) inside a folded-in-half tortilla. It is a _____.

  5. What type of alcohol is a margarita made with?

  6. Huevos is the Spanish word for what popular food item?

  7. What is ajo?

  8. What holiday is pan de muerto made for?

  9. What Mexican bean dish is generally used as the beginning of any other bean dish (such as refreid beans)?

  10. What is the name of the milk-based Mexican dessert that is usually covered with caramel?


Answers to Beginner Mexican Food Trivia

  1. Masa is made from maize.  Maize, or corn, as it is known in the United States, was first cultivated several thousand years ago in what is now Mexico, and in fundamental in Mexican cuisine to this day.  Learn more about this crop

  1. Tortillas are made from ground maize and water. A ball of the dough is flattened out and cooked over a comal. Learn how to make your own corn tortillas

  2. Carne asada, grilled meat, is generally made with a thin cut of beef, often flank or skirt steak. Make your own carne asada tacos

  3.  A taco consists of a soft corn or wheat tortilla wrapped around some sort of savory filling. (The so-called taco shells that are crisp and u-shaped are unknown in Mexico.)

  1. Margaritas are made with tequila. In order to bear the name tequila, the beverage must be produced in only certain areas of Mexico. Learn to make a Lime Margarita or learn more about tequila itself.

  2. Huevos is the Spanish word for eggs. Huevos Rancheros recipe

  3. Ajo is the Spanish word for garlic, a key ingredient in many savory dishes from Mexico and around the world.

  4. Pan de muerto is made for Mexican Day of the Dead, a holiday which celebrates the lives of one’s ancestor. Make your own Pan de Muerto or learn more about Day of the Dead.

  5. Beans are almost always boiled in a preparation called pot beans (frijoles de la olla). They are then eaten as-is and/or used to make other bean dishes such as refried beans. Make or own Pot Beans or read some Bean Cooking Tips.

  6. Flan is the popular milk-based dessert that is usually covered in caramel. This delicious dish (as did cow’s milk itself) arrived with the Spanish and is much beloved all over Latin America. Make some Easy Caramel Flan

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