Mexican-Inspired Sandwiches

Try some of these Mexican-inspired sandwiches the next time you want to spice up your lunches.

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    Monster Steak Fajita Subs

    Steak fajita sub sandwich

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    These monstrous steak fajita subs will give even the biggest of eaters a run for their money. The crispy steak that's been marinated in salsa verde gets cooked up and added to a delicious mixture of caramelized onions, yellow bell peppers, red bell peppers, tomato, and Mexican spices. The sandwich is finished off with a vibrant burst of velvety Mexican crema, bright and zesty pico de gallo, and freshly squeezed lime juice. 

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    The Cemita - a Pueblan Style Mexican Pulled Pork Sandwich

    Mexican Pueblan Cemita Sandwich

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    Similar to the torta, the Cemita is a Mexican sandwich that comes from the Puebla region of Mexico. Typically stuffed with a variety of fried meats, avocado, queso, chipotles and red sauce, this sandwich is super versatile while also being super delicious.

    So where does the name come from? The cemita - a Pueblan style Mexican pulled pork sandwich, gets its name from the type of bun that this sandwich is served on. A cemita is typically made from an eggy batter and is topped with sesame seeds when baked. Some people scoop out the bread to better hold the ingredients, but we prefer to smush the bread down, creating a thicker so the sandwich can stay together better. 

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    Roasted Chicken Torta With Avocado and Queso Fresco

    Roasted chicken torta

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    This roasted chicken torta with avocado and queso fresco also includes pulled rotisserie chicken, chipotle black bean spread, tomatoes, pickled red onions, salsa verde, and cilantro. Piled up in a hallowed out torta bun, this is a healthier version of a Mexican classic.

    Just don't forget to ditch the mayo which adds unwanted calories. Instead, we recommend trying our creamy chipotle black bean spread which is made by mashing up black beans with lime juice and the liquid from chipotle peppers. This blend creates a rich and delicious sandwich spread that's not only super healthy but is absolutely delicious on sandwiches and more. The crushed up avocado also mimics the rich creaminess of mayo but is packed full of healthy fats that are muy bueno for you.

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    Roasted Corn Grilled Cheese With Pickled Jalapenos

    Roasted corn grilled cheese with pickled jalapenos

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    This crispy creamy Mexican street food-inspired grilled cheese is loaded with buttery roasted corn, spicy pickled jalapeños, and rich manchego cheese. Thick cut Texas toast might not be that Mexican, but this type of bread is perfect for this roasted corn grilled cheese with pickled jalapeños.

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    New Mexican Green Chile Cheeseburger

    Southwestern green chile burger

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    This spicy new New Mexican green chile cheeseburger is inspired by the green chile movement of New Mexico. The beef is seasoned with a Mexican-inspired blend of fragrant spices like cumin, smoked paprika and chile powder and is topped with fiery melted pepper jack cheese, and fresh tomatoes.

    Special Note: If the green hatch chiles taste too spicy straight out of the jar or, feel free to throw them on the griddle next to the burger to release some of their heat or mix them with some mild salsa verde to make them more suitable for your palate.