Top 10 Kitchen Tools for Middle Eastern Cooking

A woman is pouring Turkish Coffee in a coffee cup

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To be a success in the kitchen, you must have the right tools, very much like an artist with the right brushes and paints. This is a listing of recommended kitchen supplies, utensils, and essentials for cooking Middle Eastern food. You'll find that nearly all of these tools are also useful for other types of cooking as well.

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    To make authentic Turkish coffee, you will need an ibrik. An ibrik is a traditional vessel that you prepare and serve your coffee in. It also serves as a great conversational piece for your guests during coffee.

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    Mortar and Pestle

    A mortar and pestle are good for grinding your own spices and mashing together garlic and herbs. The flavor cannot be replicated! There are some expensive mortar and pestles on the market, but the price doesn't indicate the quality. The result comes from the one who is using it, so don't spend too much on one.

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    Stand Mixer

    Although it's a little pricey, a high-quality stand mixer is one of the best investments you will ever make in your kitchen. Knead the dough to perfection, blend on different speeds, fold, and a good mixer can handle the job. This is a piece of equipment that will last a long time and can be used for so many different types of food.

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    Wooden Spoons

    Wooden spoons are a must-have! You can't melt them and they work in every type of pot surface. To give them a longer life, hand wash your wooden tools and avoid the dishwasher.

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    Food Processor

    Once you start using a food processor, it's hard to go back to working without one. Middle Eastern cooking requires a lot of chopping and this will save time and energy. You can also chop up nuts, grind coffee beans, and make pesto; the uses are endless.

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    Pyrex Ovenware

    Pyrex bakeware is ideal because of its ability to withstand high temperatures and distribute heat evenly. It's ideal for Middle Eastern cooking, baking casseroles, gratins, or even pans of chocolate brownies.

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    Middle Eastern cooking involves a lot of meat cooked on skewers, so it's essential to keep some on hand. Wooden skewers are fine if given a good pre-soaking but stainless steel skewers will always be safer and do not have to be disposed of after each use.

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    Roasting Pan

    A solid roasting pan is essential! These are great for roasts, leg of lamb, chicken, turkey, and many other types of meat. Meat cooked on a roasting rack and pan is more tender and juicy. The roasting rack makes clean up very easy.

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    Cookware Set

    Invest in a good cookware set, no matter what type of cooking you do. Even heating and temperature control is very important. Some of the less expensive sets burn on the bottoms and do not allow even heating.

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    Meat Thermometer

    Meat thermometers are essential when cooking meat, especially large cuts like leg or shoulder of lamb, turkeys, roasts, etc. Knowing the exact internal temperatures will prevent either under or overcooked dinners.