What Is Milchkaffee?

German Café au Lait

Hands pouring steamed milk into coffee cup

Thomas Northcut / Getty Images

Milchkaffee is a coffee drink you can order in almost any café or pub in Germany. It is strong, filter coffee topped off up to the rim of the cup with hot milk and sometimes milk froth.

Cocoa powder is often sprinkled on top. It is served unsweetened and is sweetened to taste before drinking by the lucky drinker of this warming beverage. It also is often served with a little Danish butter cookie from the tin.

The proportions are 50% milk and 50% coffee. It predates all the fancy espresso drinks at today's modern coffee shops.

You Say Melange, I Say Milchkaffee

Milchkaffee is known by several different names, depending on which country you are in when ordering:

  • Austria: Particularly in Viennese coffee houses, a milchkaffee is called a melange and is made from a mokka or a kleinen schwarzen, which is a regular, strong coffee very similar to espresso, and milk. Wiener melange is made with frothed milk.
  • A großen braunen and kleinen braunen (large and small browns) are terms for large and small mokkas with whipped cream.
  • Switzerland: A milchkaffee in Switzerland is named after the vessel it's served in—schale. Sometimes milchkaffee is served as separate milk and coffee, with a lot of space in the cup to pour the milk in to your liking.

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