Four Ingredient Recipes

Apple Pork Chops
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It's about time for some more super easy recipes! All of the following recipes use four ingredients, not counting water, salt, and pepper. Since there are so few ingredients in these recipes, make sure you use the very best quality you can find.

Many of these recipes are very adaptable, and you can substitute your favorite ingredients in many of them. You can also add more ingredients than the recipe calls for (but I can't, since that would be cheating!). If you do, write down the changes so your masterpiece won't be lost to the world.

Think about using these simple treatments for meats on other types of meat. For instance, Orange Roughy and Peppers would be really delicious with chicken breasts. And Minted Chicken Breasts with Cucumber Sauce would work very well with a firm-fleshed fish like swordfish.

Enjoy these easy recipes and take it easy in the kitchen this week!

Four Ingredient Entree Recipes

  • Orange Roughy and Peppers
    Sweet bell peppers combine very nicely with fish, lemon, and thyme in this simple recipe.
  • Crockpot Chili Beef Sandwiches
    Use my simple homemade taco seasoning mix in this easy recipe.
  • Apple Pork Chops
    This recipe is the epitome of fall, with apples, butter, and brown sugar.
  • Sausage and Ravioli
    Keep a jar of spaghetti sauce and some sausages and ravioli on hand for this fabulous meal.
  • Pesto Pasta
    Grape tomatoes are the perfect finishing touch for a simple combination of pesto and pasta.
  • Dutch Pancake
    I can't decide if this recipe uses three ingredients or four! It makes a lovely large puffy pancake perfect for breakfast or brunch.
  • Lamb Shank Packets
    Tender lamb shanks are delicious in this one dish grilled or baked meal. For five ingredients, use the red wine instead of the water.
  • Minted Chicken Breasts with Cucumber Sauce
    Cucumber, yogurt, and mint are cooling complements to tender broiled chicken in this easy recipe.
  • Fragrant Apricot Chicken
    Apricot preserves and Italian salad dressing make a lovely sauce on this tender chicken.
  • Saucy Chicken Breasts
    I make this simple baked chicken dinner often in the winter; its hot and spicy at the same time!

Four Ingredient Salad and Side Dish Recipes

  • Potato Puff
    Make potatoes specifically for this recipe, or use leftovers. This could be a main dish alongside a nice green salad.
  • Seasoned Roasted Vegetables
    Roasting vegetables brings out their sweetness.
  • Caesar Asparagus
    Any creamy salad dressing would work well in this simple recipe.
  • Spicy Glazed Carrots
    The gentle snap in this recipe comes from Dijon mustard; if you like it really spicy, add some crushed red pepper flakes.
  • Grapefruit and Avocado Salad
    Avocados really do pair well with just about everything. Including grapefruit!
  • Tomato Green Beans
    Salad dressing is again the secret ingredient in this simple recipe.
  • Grape and Melon Salad
    And finally, this simple and beautiful salad is the perfect addition to any dinner.