Moroccan Kefta Recipes - Appetizer, Sandwich and Main Dish Ideas

Need a little cooking inspiration with regard to ground meat? These Moroccan kefta recipes will have you changing up your meal plan in a very good way. Kefta can be either ground beef or ground lamb, or a combination of the two. It's usually finely ground and well-seasoned with spices before being cooked.

If you're avoiding red meat, go ahead and use ground chicken or turkey instead.

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    Moroccan Kefta Kebab

    Kefta Kebab

    The Spruce

    This is a good basic recipe to keep on hand for just about any Moroccan dish which calls for kefta. It's especially delicious grilled.

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    Kefta and Egg Tagine with Tomatoes, Onions and Olives

    meatballs and eggs in tagine
    Kefta and Egg Tagine. Photo © Christine Benlafquih

    Kefta and eggs are a popular combination in Morocco. Here, they're at their best - with caramelized onions, saucy tomatoes and tangy olives.

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    Moroccan Kefta Meatball Tagine - Kefta Mkaouara

    Moroccan meatball tagine with poached eggs
    Kefta Mkaouara - Moroccan Meatball Tagine. Photo © J. Gilman

    This classic Moroccan dish features well-seasoned meatballs cooked in a spicy tomato sauce. Eggs are an optional but classic addition.

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    Moroccan Pasta Sauce and Meatballs

    mini meatballs and spaghetti
    Moroccan Tomato Sauce with Mini Meatballs. Photo © Christine Benlafquih

    This basic Moroccan pasta sauce uses fresh tomatoes and Moroccan spices. Well-seasoned meatballs are an optional, but common addition.

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    Kefta Msemen - Rghaif Stuffed with Ground Beef Filling

    stuffed moroccan pancakes
    Stuffed Msemen. Photo © Christine Benlafquih

    Stuffed msemen are a filled version of the regular square-shaped rghaif, or folded Moroccan pancake. This recipe makes a slightly zesty ground beef filling.

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    Moroccan Style Hamburgers

    burger with tomato
    Moroccan Style Hamburger. Matilda Lindeblad/Stock Food Creative/Getty Images

    Mildly seasoned kefta is used to make a Moroccan style hamburger. Links to homemade hamburger roll and homemade condiment recipes.

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    Moroccan Kefta and Vegetable Briouats

    savory fried Moroccan pastries
    Kefta and Vegetable Briouats. Photo © Christine Benlafquih

    These crispy Moroccan pastries are made with a tasty combination of ground meat and veggies. Although usually served as an appetizer or side, they can also be presented as a main dish.

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    Spicy Kefta Briouats

    fried Morccan pastries
    Moroccan Briouats. Photo © Christine Benlafquih

    These fried Moroccan pastries are filled with a zesty ground beef filling. Make them as spicy as you like.

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    Traditional Kefta Briouats

    savory fried triangular pastries
    Moroccan Kefta Briouats. Photo © Christine Benlafquih

    This is the traditional, mildly seasoned ground beef filling for the Moroccan pastries known as briouats. The pastries can be folded into triangles or cylinders before being fried.

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    Kefta Stuffed Rolls

    stuffed sandwich rolls
    Moroccan Stuffed Sandwich Rolls. Photo © Christine Benlafquih

    Soft sadwich rolls are stuffed with a seasoned ground beef and olive filling. Shape them small for tea time or Ramadan fare.