Side dishes and salads are an essential part of the meal in Moroccan cuisine. Browse recipes for vegetables, dips and fritters.
Moroccan Chicken Tagine
Moroccan Comfort Food Recipes
Moroccan Bread for Sale
Homemade Leavening and Sourdough - 3 Ways to Make and Use Them
Maakouda Batata: Moroccan Potato Cakes
Maakouda Batata: Moroccan Potato Cakes
Moroccan dinner, including zahlouk (aubergine dip), kesra (bread), kesksou (couscous), lahma meshwi (lamb), olives, mint tea, salade doranges a la marocaine
Moroccan Recipes for Hosting a Party or Special Occasion
Easy Garlic Green Beans
Easy Garlic Green Beans
Moroccan Beet Salad With Onions and Vinaigrette
Moroccan Cold Beet Salad With Vinaigrette
Moroccan Mallow Salad (Khoubiza or Bakoula)
Moroccan Mallow Salad Recipe
Moroccan fried cauliflower recipe
Moroccan Fried Cauliflower
Moroccan Pita Bread (Batbout) Recipe
Moroccan Pita Bread (Batbout) Recipe
Moroccan Semolina Bread - Khobz dyal Smida
Moroccan Semolina Bread - Khobz dyal Smida
Moroccan cauliflower
Moroccan Cauliflower With Preserved Lemon
Roasting pepper over flame.
How to Roast and Skin Peppers
Chile Oil recipe, Chile oil in a glass container
How to Make Chile Oil
fava beans with olives and preserved lemon
Popular Moroccan Fava Bean
Homemade Warqa (Brick Pastry)
Homemade Warqa Recipe—Moroccan Brick Pastry
Loubia, Moroccan White Beans
Loubia (Moroccan Stewed White Beans)
Moroccan Fava Bean (Broad Bean) Dip or Soup - Bessara
Moroccan Fava Bean (Broad Bean) Dip or Soup (Bessara)
Homemade Moroccan wheat bread
Moroccan Wheat Bread - Khobz dyal Zraa'
Moroccan soup with chickpeas, pumpkin and tomatoes
Moroccan Pumpkin, Chickpea and Tomato Soup Recipe
Healthy Homemade Strawberry Milkshake (Smoothie)
Homemade Strawberry Milkshake (Smoothie)
saffron rice with vegetables
Moroccan Saffron Rice Pilaf Recipe With Vegetables
Moroccan Deep-Fried Potatoes recipe
Moroccan Deep-Fried Potatoes
Moroccan Kalinti (Karane, Karantika)
Kalinti - Moroccan Chickpea Flour and Egg Tart
Apples and banana milkshake
Moroccan Apple and Banana Smoothie
tiny sardine balls in tomato sauce
Moroccan Sardine Balls in Spicy Tomato Sauce Recipe
Krachel - Moroccan Sweet Rolls
Krachel Recipe - Moroccan Sweet Rolls With Anise and Sesame
Chicken tagine with chickpeas and raisins recipe
Moroccan Chicken Tagine With Chickpeas and Raisins
How to Make Trid Pastry
Moroccan Tomato Salad
Moroccan Tomato Salad (Shlada) Recipe
Spiced carrot soup
Moroccan-Spiced Carrot Soup
Sfenj Moroccan Donuts
Moroccan Street Food
Bottle Gourds - Slaoui
How to Clean and Prepare Bottle Gourd
Two bowls of couscous
Low-Calorie Coconut Couscous Recipe