10 Most Delish Dutch Cookies

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    Stroopwafels -- Dutch Syrup Waffles

    How to enjoy the classic Dutch stroopwafel. Photo © Angelika Kaczanowska/Getty Images

    We're told that the first stroopwafels were baked in Gouda in the late 1800's, but these gooey syrup waffle cookies are loved throughout the Netherlands today and taste their best when freshly (home)made. Get the recipe for stroopwafels now.

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    Arnhemse Meisjes -- Sugared Puff Pastry Cookies

    Arnhem Sugar Cookies with Cinnamon
    Arnhemse Meisjes. Photo © Karin Engelbrecht

    These are the cookies to make if you don't have time to bake: simply roll out some quality store-bought puff pastry, dust with (cinnamon) sugar, shape and bake. Get the recipe for Arnhemse Meisjes.

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    Traditional Dutch Speculaas Cookies

    Speculoos -- Windmill Cookies
    Speculaas cookies. Photo © Westend61/Getty Images

    These winter-spiced cookies are traditionally enjoyed as a Sinterklaas treat, but they're great any time of year. You might known them as windmill cookies or by their Flemish name, speculoos, and you've certainly been served them alongside your coffee or tea. Bake a batch of speculaas today with our easy recipe. 

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    Pindakoeken -- Dutch Peanut Cookies

    Peanut-studded cookies from Holland
    Pindakoeken (Dutch peanut cookies). Photo © Karin Engelbrecht

    Our peanut cookies have a crunchy bite, a satisfying snap and a clean, nutty flavor. Once you've tasted these, you'll be happy to leave those sad supermarket cookies to gain dust on the shelf. Get the recipe for Dutch Pindakoeken now.

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    Bastognekoeken -- Dutch Candied Sugar Cookies

    Bastognekoeken (Dutch Rock Sugar Cookies). Photo © Karin Engelbrecht

    These rock candy encrusted cookies are not only a beloved tea time treat in the Netherlands, where they're also known as kandijkoeken, but are often used for the crusts for Dutch tarts and pies. Bake a batch of bastognekoeken today with our easy recipe.

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    Krakelingen -- Sweet Dutch Pretzels

    Krakelingen (Sweet Dutch Pretzels). Photo © Kosmos

    You may know pretzels as a savory snack, but in the Netherlands these ribbons of twisty dough are dusted in brown sugar and enjoyed as sweet cookies. Bake a batch of krakelingen today with this easy recipe.

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    Kaasstengels -- Gouda Cheese Straws

    Gouda cheese straws. Photo © E. Schelkers

     For a delicious savory cookie, you can't beat flaky Gouda cheese straws. If you prefer a crisp cheese cracker to go with your Dutch cheese plate, try our recipe for Gouda cheese cookies instead. Get the recipe for kaasstengels now.

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    Chocolate Covered Kruidnoten

    Dutch Sinterklaas cookies
    Chocolate-covered kruidnoten. Photo © Karin Engelbrecht

    You can't go wrong with Dutch holiday cookies, and these chocolate dipped Christmas-spiced kruidnoten cookies are no exception. You might also want to try traditional pepernotentaai-taai or our fun kruidnoten brownies and Sinterklaas chocolate bark. Bake up a batch of chocolate covered kruidnoten today with our easy recipe.

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    Kletskoppen Cookies

    Bruges Lace Cookies
    Kletskoppen cookies. Photo © Culibooks Inc.

    These thin, crispy cookies are known as kletskoppen in the Netherlands and are often used as a dessert garnish or as the classic koekje bij de koffie (''coffee break cookie'') in the Dutch restaurant trade. In Belgium, they go by the beautiful name of Brugse kant ("Bruges lace"). Get the recipe for kletskoppen cookies now.

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    Fryske Dumkes -- Traditional Frisian Aniseed Cookies

    Fryske dumkes. Photo © Karin Engelbrecht

     Native to the northern Dutch province of Friesland, these traditional "thumb cookies" have a subtle licorice flavor and a texture that is crisp and dense, making them ideal for dunking in coffee or tea. Bake up a batch of Friese duimpjes today with our easy recipe.