15 Mouthwatering Types of Cakes

We know the struggle: It's your turn to bring dessert, but your cache of creativity is running dry. Never fear! We've gathered our favorite types of cake recipes to fit every occasion. So strap on an apron and get ready to wow your family and friends with one of these delightful desserts.

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    Easy Vegan Chocolate Cake

    Vegan Tofu Cake

    Howard Shooter / Getty Images

    If you need a vegan dessert solution, this luscious easy vegan chocolate cake is your answer. This easy, healthy recipe uses silken tofu in place of butter and eggs, no pressing required. Frost with your favorite vegan buttercream frosting, in whatever flavor tickles your fancy.

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    Kid-Friendly Dump Cake

    Kid-Friendly Dump Cake

    Cultura / Brett Stevens / Riser / Getty Images

    Let your little ones choose the fruit and belly up to the counter for this simple kid-friendly dump cake. With just six ingredients and one pan, it's both easy to make and a cinch to clean up. Try it with cherry pie filling and chocolate cake, yellow cake and pineapple, or your family's favorite combination.

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    Classic 1-2-3-4 Cake

    1-2-3-4 Cake

    Jonelle Weaver / Photolibrary / Getty Images

    If you're from the American South, you may remember this classic 1-2-3-4 cake recipe from childhood. It gets its name from the ratios: 1 cup of butter, 2 cups of sugar, 3 cups of flour, and 4 eggs. After a few times, you won't even need a recipe. Get crafty with one of these recipe variations, and before you know it, you'll be baking it from memory.

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    Basic 3-Layer Cake

    Basic 3-Layer Cake
    sf_foodphoto / Getty Images

    Every baker should have a simple layer cake recipe in their repertoire, and this basic 3-layer cake just might become your new go-to. It's basically foolproof for beginners, and lends itself well to variations and delectable frosting pairings.

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    Italian Cassata Cake

    Italian Cassata Cake

    Edsel L / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

    If you love a good cannoli, this Italian cassata cake is for you. Don't scrimp on the whole milk ricotta in this recipe; it really adds to the flavor. This delicious cake makes a great birthday or special occasion dessert or will really steal the show at your next dinner party.

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    German Chocolate Cake With Coconut Pecan Frosting

    German Chocolate Cake With Coconut Pecan Frosting

    Iain Bagwell / Photolibrary / Getty

    Between the pecan-studded coconut frosting and moist, chocolate layers, this traditional German chocolate cake with coconut pecan frosting has it all. Rich, sweet German chocolate also makes a nice change from the usual milk or dark varieties. Feel free to skip the pecans, if your family doesn't care for nuts

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    Gluten-Free Flourless Chocolate Cake

    Gluten-Free Flourless Chocolate Cake

    NightAndDayImages / Getty Images

    If someone at the party has a gluten sensitivity, no need to sacrifice flavor to please everyone. This gluten-free flourless chocolate cake with a silky glaze will wow the crowd with its decadent flavor and impressive presentation. Don't let its small size fool you: A teeny slice will satisfy your every craving.

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    Shortcut Tres Leches Cake

    Shortcut Tres Leches Cake

    The Spruce / Marian Blazes

    This shortcut tres leches cake gets its distinctive, creamy flavor from the milk mixture, making it a no-brainer shortcut recipe. Using a cake mix for this delectable dessert limits the ingredients, while delivering big results. The meringue topping looks impressive, but whipped cream will do just fine in a pinch.

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    Professional-Looking Mango Mousse Cake

    Professional-Looking Mango Mousse Cake

    Jh_tan84 / Flickr CC 2.0 

    For a fancy dinner party or special occasion, pull out all the stops with this brightly colored professional-looking mango mousse cake. You will need a springform pan to make the sponge layers. If you find yourself short on time, soak store-bought ladyfingers in syrup, instead. Don't forget to decorate it with fresh mango for a stunning presentation!

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    Marcel Desaulniers' Chocolate Espresso Fudge Cake

    Marcel Desaulniers' Chocolate Espresso Fudge Cake
    Harry Bischof / Getty Images

    This decadent Marcel Desaulniers' chocolate espresso fudge cake takes some time, but it's worth every minute. With a glossy ganache, caffeine-laced buttercream, and chocolate cake, it's every cocoa-lovers' dream. Desaulniers' nearly foolproof instructions will make you feel like a real pastry chef and this beautiful dessert will impress your friends.

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    Beautiful Blueberry Breakfast (Or Anytime) Cake

    Beautiful Blueberry Breakfast (Or Anytime) Cake
    Richard Jung / Getty Images

    If you need a cake for a brunch party or breakfast meeting, this beautiful blueberry breakfast (or anytime) cake will really hit the spot. Fresh blueberries give it gorgeous color and flavor, and a serving of fruit to boot! While the recipe calls for yellow cake, feel free to use white or lemon instead.

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    Rum-soaked Cake

    Bacardi Rum Cake Recipe

    The Spruce

    Have rum cake, will travel! This rum-soaked cake will last a long time in your refrigerator or when traveling, and actually gets better as it ages. With tropical flavor and a hint of spice, don't expect it to stick around for long. You will need a bundt pan for this creation.

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    Better Than Sex Cake With Candy Bar Topping

    Better Than Sex Cake (Robert Redford Cake)

    The Spruce / Diana Rattray

    If you make this cake for kids, you might want to call this better than sex cake with candy bar topping "better than anything" cake or "poke cake" instead. No matter what you call it, you can't beat the combination of chocolate, candy bars, and caramel. To save time, use your favorite chocolate or devil's food cake mix for the base.

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    Red Velvet Cake

    Red Velvet Cake

    Jerry Deutsch / EyeEm / Getty Images

    Most red velvet cake gets a reputation for being complicated. Not this one. You want to use a gel food coloring for the most vivid color, so you don't end up with pink velvetine cake, instead. Use a cooked frosting or your favorite buttercream frosting to top it all off.

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    The Moistest Mayonnaise Cake You've Ever Had

    Diana Rattray

    Yes, this cake uses mayonnaise for a melt-in-your-mouth moistness. Mayonnaise replaces both the eggs and oil in this "the moistest mayonnaise cake you've ever had" recipe, shortening your ingredient list, too. Top it with a nutty peanut butter frosting to take you back to childhood.