Murg or Murgi Food Meaning in Hindi

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Indian murg dish
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In Hindi, the definition of murg is chicken. Chicken is used in plenty of Indian dishes, and many of those dishes are some of the most popular Indian meals.

Murg is also known as murghi in Hindi. So if you're looking for a recipe for it, you may want to 

Some of the world-famous chicken dishes include Butter Chicken, Chicken Jalfreizi, and Tandoori Chicken.

In Butter Chicken, which is also known as murgh makhani, the chicken is served in a mildly spiced curry sauce. The chicken is marinated in a cream and spice mixture and those spices can vary. The spices may include ginger, lemon, garlic, lime, coriander, cumin, chili, or turmeric. The chicken is usually cooked in a clay oven but it can also be roasted, grilled or pan-fried. The curry sauce, of course, includes butter. It can be thickened with cashew paste. Cream, butter, green chilies, coriander, or genugreek may be a garnish.

Chicken Jalfreizi or Jalfrezi has some different spellings, but this Indian Chinese cuisine involves frying marinated chicken in oil nad spices. It produces a thick, dry sauce that can be medium in spice to extremely hot. Sometimes if the dish is too hot spice wise, people drink beer with it or combine it with cream. Onion, cabbage, tomato, and bell pepper are some of the main ingredients. In Southern Asia, chicken jalfrezi is known as an Indian Chinese or Pakistani Chinese meal that has cooking methods combined from South Asia and China.

Tandoori Chicken is used as a base in many curry recipes. It is popular throughout Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, and the Western countries. In a nutshell, it is a roasted chicken that is cooked with spices and yogurt, and it is prepared in a tandoor (or clay oven) or on a grill. To start, the chicken gets marinated in yogurt and tandoori masala seasonings. The red chili powder and cayenne pepper give it a reddish hue. With more turmeric, though, it may look more orange. There's a smoky flavor in this Indian meal, which originated in the Punjab area of India and Pakistan were independent. Cooking with a tandoori became extremely popular after 1947. Some areas still have a community tandoor.

More Murg Indian Food

These are just three Indian murg dishes, but others are murg dishes, but others are Amritsari Murgh Makhani with chicken that is slathered in a smooth creamy tomato sauce. Chicken Chettinad may be the spiciest dish in India as it has plenty of spices in a coconut paste. Don't discount Spicy Tangy Kadhai Chicken as a favorite for spice lovers, though, as its sweet and sour taste also has quite a kick thanks to bell peppers, lemon, tamarind, and jaggery. Teekha Murg is another spicy chicken dish enjoyed by Indian foodies, as the chicken includes masalas and is cooked in mustard oil for even more tangy flavor.