Nancy Gaifyllia

Nancy Gaifyllia has been the Guide to Greek Food since 2005. She is a writer, interpreter, and translator who loves to cook and eat Greek food.


Nancy is an American whose more than 30 years of living in Greece have provided her with an intimate experience of Greek food and Greek cooking on a daily basis. She is an avid collector of recipes, techniques, and cookbooks, and as cook with both career and family, she enjoys trying out new preparation methods suitable to the modern kitchen. Her love of cooking and eating led her to the kitchens and cookbooks of great Greek cooks and chefs throughout the country, and she has delved into all varieties of regional specialties.

Nancy Gaifyllia

"Please join me as we explore the delicious world of Greek food, from ancient to traditional to modern cuisine. Together we will share recipes, tips, and the history of dishes with exotic names like baklava, souvlaki, and moussaka, and bring the health benefits and extraordinary tastes of Greek food to life. Whether this is your first experience with Greek food or you know and love it, this is the place for you. Suggestions, questions, and recipes are welcomed!"

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