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A Survey of the Best Flavors

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    About New Amsterdam Vodkas

    New Amsterdam Flavored Vodkas
    New Amsterdam Spirits

    Affordable Vodka with Great Flavors 

    New Amsterdam is quickly gaining attention for their line of vodkas and there is a very good reason for it: quality at a great price. The line currently includes a benchmark clear vodka along with seven fruit flavors and they expand on this regularly.

    What is most enjoyable about the New Amsterdam Vodka portfolio is that they begin with a smooth American grain vodka that is surprisingly drinkable on its own, which is rare when we are talking about $15 bottle. The flavors simply build on the quality, adding the perfect amount of fruitiness to the silky taste.

    Each of these vodkas is worthy of almost any cocktail you want to mix it in. I have yet to find a New Amsterdam Vodka that is disappointing and, at this price, this can easily become your new 'well' vodka. These are your everyday mixers.

    New Amsterdam Vodka Portfolio

    • Vodka (clear)
    • Citron Vodka
    • Coconut Vodka
    • Mango Vodka
    • Orange Vodka
    • Peach Vodka
    • Pineapple Vodka
    • Red Berry Vodka

    About New Amsterdam Vodkas

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    New Amsterdam Peach Vodka Review

    New Amsterdam Peach Vodka
    New Amsterdam Spirits

    New Amsterdam Peach retains the smooth, cleanliness of their clear vodka has an ideal amount of flavor.

    The Review

    Released in July 2012

    New Amsterdam Peach Vodka is my personal favorite of the portfolio.

    The flavor is handled with delicacy and the brightness of the peach flavor shines through nicely. There are these interesting notes of floral vanilla that creep into the palate, making it a little more interesting.

    This is a peach-flavored vodka that rivals the peach of some of the higher-end brands.

    New Amsterdam Peach Vodka Cocktails

    The Peach Punch brings Peach Vodka, lime and orange juices, and elderflower liqueur to make up a sprightly and refreshing cocktail.

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    New Amsterdam Red Berry Vodka Review

    New Amsterdam Red Berry Vodka
    New Amsterdam Spirits

    New Amsterdam Red Berry Vodka neither dominates nor disappears in a cocktail, the perfect balance.

    The Review

    Released in July 2012

    Berry-flavored vodkas walk a fine line between success and disaster because this type of fruit has an interesting, often biting, bitter reaction with unsweetened alcohol. This makes me a little apprehensive when being introduced to a new one, and I believe this is why many distillers choose to mix berries. New Amsterdam followed suite in their Red Berry Vodka, and combined red raspberry and strawberry.

    This vodka has an intense aroma, and the taste is a very sweet berry. For the flavor, I appreciate how clean the finish is because berries tend to linger.

    I have had better tasting berry vodkas, but when considering the entire package of price and taste, I'd say this berry vodka is into that impressive category.

    New Amsterdam Red Berry Cocktails

    The Berried Treasure is a light and intriguing cocktail that mixes Red Berry Vodka with lemonade and creme de cacao.

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    New Amsterdam Coconut Vodka Review

    New Amsterdam Coconut Vodka
    New Amsterdam Spirits

    Coconut is a tricky flavor, but New Amsterdam Coconut Vodka does it well.

    The Review

    Released in July 2013

    Coconut is not one of my favorite flavors so it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to spirits that take on this flavor. That said, New Amsterdam Coconut Vodka is one of the few coconut vodkas that I actually enjoy.

    It is crisp and clean and the coconut is not overly sweet, but has a nice creamy aspect. These two qualities are what I look for in a great coconut-flavored vodka and this one has it in perfect harmony.

    Drinking New Amsterdam Coconut Vodka

    At $15 a bottle, you may be surprised that you can enjoy this coconut vodka straight. It gets even better with a splash of club soda or ginger ale.

    Mixing this is a breeze and I doubt that you could go wrong. It is an obvious companion for pineapple juice and it makes a great substitution in simple tropical cocktails like the Bay Breeze.

    For a martini-esque cocktail, try the brand's Coconut Cove. In it, this vodka is mixed with coconut water and lychee juice to create a light, non-creamy tropical flavor.

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    New Amsterdam Citron Vodka Review

    New Amsterdam Citron Vodka
    New Amsterdam Spirits

    Citrus vodka is an essential in the bar and New Amsterdam Citron is a perfect, budget-friendly option.

    The Review

    Released in July 2013

    Citrus vodkas can take many different avenues because they can technically use any citrus fruit they want and call it citrus-flavored.

    The citrus that shines in New Amsterdam Citron Vodka is lemon, particularly the sweet and floral Meyer lemon. This is a welcome taste because I've always found it more conducive than straight lemon or orange in a clear liquor like vodka.

    This is a crisp citrus vodka that finishes clean and smooth, exactly how you would expect.

    Drinking New Amsterdam Citron Vodka

    Try this one in a Vodka Tonic for a snappy highball and use it in any cocktail recipe that calls for citrus vodka. There are many recipes to choose from and it is also easy to use citrus as a replacement for clear vodka.

    I was surprised, however, by how well it works in this Citron Sipper recipe that the brand created. The combination of lemon, cucumber, and cilantro may not be one of the first you think of, but it is very nice.

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    New Amsterdam Gin Review

    New Amsterdam Straight Gin
    S&C Design Studios

    New Amsterdam Straight Gin is an American, neutral grain gin produced in Modesto, California. It is interesting because it does not have the juniper-strong base that most do, but at less than $20 a bottle it is a good option if you're on a budget.

    Though not the best, this is a nice bottle to have in stock as a well gin and used in everyday gin cocktails. I don't recommend this for the gin connoisseur or Dry Martini drinker, but for those who are fond of vodka (especially infused vodkas) it is a nice choice.

    As gins go, New Amsterdam Straight Gin is not typical. If you like juniper-forward gins, then this one is disappointing. It reminds me of Tanqueray Rangpur - heavy on the citrus and light on the herbs - and if you didn't know what you were drinking, it could be mistaken for a citrus vodka. The herbs and juniper are there but they are hard to recognize.

    Tasting Notes:

    New Amsterdam opens with a sweet, citrus and floral aroma. The palate is smooth and tangy, with more citrus notes than juniper.

    The finish is thick, filled with citrus and considerably dry.

    Drinking New Amsterdam Gin

    Mixing with New Amsterdam would not be a first choice for a Martini, in fact, I don't recommend it in cocktails that are that transparent. Use this gin in those heavily-flavored gin cocktails that you don't want to mix the good stuff in.

    New Amsterdam works well in fruity drinks like the Clover Club, English Rose, and Floradora. I also found it a nice base for some of the creamy, dessert gin cocktails like the Emerald Isle or Caruso. You can also try it in New Amsterdam's collection of New York-inspired drinks, like the Central Park, Soho, or Union Square.

    About New Amsterdam Gin