New England's Best Dishes

Here is a round-up of some of New England's greatest dishes - from clam chowder and baked beans to lobster rolls and apple tarts. These are just a few of the great food treasures that this northeast corner of the U.S. has to offer. 

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    New England Clam Chowder
    New England Clam Chowder. Photo © Flickr user basykes

    The early New England clam chowders were usually made with fish and it wasn’t until the last hundred years or so that the clam, and other shellfish, took over the starring roll. By the way, if you like your chowder on the thicker side you can mash some of the cooked potatoes into the soup before finishing the chowder.

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    Boston Baked Beans
    Boston Baked Beans. Getty

    They don't call Boston Beantown for nothing. Boston baked beans has been spreading happiness at picnics and potlucks for hundreds of years. Boston baked beans are usually made with navy beans, but any small dried bean will work in this recipe.

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    Lobster Bisque
    Lobster Bisque. Getty

    This rich and creamy lobster bisque will make a heavenly entrée or can be served in smaller portions as a first course. Dry sherry and lobster make a natural flavor pairing, and here they come together in perfect harmony.

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    Traditional Pot Roast
    Traditional Pot Roast. Photo © John Mitzewich

    This pot roast recipe uses a 7-bone chuck roast (named for the shape of the bone therein), which is a super-flavorful cut of beef that becomes beautifully fork-tender after a long, slow braise.

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    New England Clam Bake
    New England Clam Bake. Getty

    This recipe for a stove-top New England clambake brings the shore to your table with ease. Adding the ingredients in the right order is the secret to this recipe's success; the ones that take longest to cook go in first. For this recipe you will need a large pot (18 to 20 quarts) and cheesecloth.

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    Blueberry Crisp
    Blueberry Crisp. Getty

    Is there any better way to enjoy blueberries than in a crisp recipe? The dark, sweet-tart berries and that chewy, crisp top is one of the great combinations of all time. This crisp recipe is a delicious way to get these incredibly nutritious berries into your diet. 

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    rustic apple tart
    rustic apple tart. Getty

    This country-style tart is one of the easiest to make because of its free-form shape. To make the recipe even easier when you're short on time, use purchased pie crust dough for the pastry. The recipe calls for sweet Golden Delicious and tart Granny Smith apples, but you can use any apple, or combination of apples, that you like.

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    Maine Lobster Rolls
    Maine Lobster Rolls. Photo © Flickr user WalkingGeek

    Less is more when it comes to lobster rolls. Cold chucks of fresh, sweet Maine lobster, and very light mayonnaise-based dressing, stuffed into a toasted hot dog bun. I add a tiny hint of fresh tarragon, which really brings out the sweetness of the lobster. This sandwich is truly one of life's simple pleasures. While this will not be an inexpensive sandwich to assemble, once you taste the amazing contrast between the warm, buttery bun and the cold, sweet lobster salad, you'll realize it...MORE was worth every penny!

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    blueberry muffin
    blueberry muffin. Getty

    The blueberry muffin is America's favorite muffin recipe. This easy recipe will produce a tender and light blueberry muffin, as long as you don't over mix the batter.

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    Turkey or Chicken Pot Pie
    Turkey Pot Pie. Getty

    The chicken pot pie is a true American comfort food classic. It's the perfect way to use up leftover roast chicken, and you can use whatever vegetables you like. This chicken pot pie was adapted from a recipe by Kevin, from the blog Closet Cooking.