New Mexico Local Foods

Guide to Local Foods in New Mexico

Find local foods—green chiles, red chiles, and much more—with this guide to local foods in New Mexico.

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    New Mexico Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables

    Green New Mexico Chiles

    The Spruce / Molly Watson

    Chiles, pecans, corn, and more. See what's in season with this Guide to New Mexico Fruits & Vegetables.

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    New Mexico Farmers Markets

    Truck at Albuquerque Farmers Market

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    New Mexico enjoys a nice, long farmers market season - most run from May or June into November. Some, like the Sante Fe Farmers Market, run all year long, selling hothouse produce, locally raised meats, dried beans and corn, artisan cheese, and pastured eggs through the winter.

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    New Mexico Restaurants

    Real Food Nation Breakfast Burrito

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    There are lots of places to get great New Mexican food in the state. Here are a few to check out:

    • Cafe Pasqual's sources locally through most of the year and serves kickin' New Mexican-inspired dishes.
    • Chope's in La Mesa (about 15 minutes south of Las Cruces) serves fabulous, old-fashioned enchiladas (smothered in red or green chile) and chile rellenos with homemade flour tortillas.
    • Padilla's on Girard in between Indian School and Constitution in Albuquerque is a small, cash-only place in a strip mall serving up New Mexican food like fab green chile and chile rellenos.
    • Real Food Nation is a casual eatery in Sante Fe serving a range of dishes, including a breakfast burrito with green chile - sourced as locally as possible, of course.
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    New Mexico Specialties: Bizcochitos

    Anise and Cinnamon Sugar Cookies (Bizcochitos) Recipe

     The Spruce

    Bizcochitos are delicate anise-flavored sugar cookies dipped in cinnamon sugar made and served throughout New Mexico. Like so many traditional dishes, there are countless versions of bizcochitos—some claim lard is essential, others turn to butter to make these cookies crisp and flavorful. Try this Bizcochitos Recipe and see why they inspire such devotion!

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    New Mexico Specialties: Chiles

    Ristras at the Albuquerque Farmers Market

    The Spruce / Molly Watson

    New Mexican food is chile-laden. It is full of chiles. It is all about chiles. The hotter the better. Whether it's the green chiles of Southern New Mexico or the red chiles favored in Northern New Mexico, hot peppers are used fresh, roasted, dried, and ground – often in combination.

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    New Mexico Specialties: Pinons

    Pinons - Pine Nuts

    The Spruce / Vincenzo Lombardo / Getty Images

    Pinons, a.k.a. pine nuts, grow in the pine forests of northern New Mexico and play an important part in the cuisine of the state.