New Year's Eve Appetizer Party

Swedish Nuts. Linda Larsen

I love appetizers; they are fun to make and easy to eat. And I also love that you can be more adventurous with appetizers than you can with main dishes. They're just a bite, so using exotic flavors and more expensive ingredients is easier. Plus, a table full of small nibbles just seems more festive than an ordinary dinner menu. That's why this New Year's Eve appetizer party is such a fun idea.

For this party, choose three or four of the appetizers; that's really all you need for a gathering of twelve to fourteen.

Also put out small bowls of nuts, like Marcona almonds and whole cashews, different types of olives, and a few cheeses. Along with champagne and some cookies or candies, this makes a wonderful and easy party.

Make sure that you keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. And keep an eye on the time; no perishable foods (that contain meat, milk, eggs, poultry, or fish) should be left out of refrigeration longer than two hours. Plus, these foods taste better if they are served hot or cold as they should be!

Tips for the Best Appetizer Party

  • Choose a combination of make-ahead recipes and last minute recipes to make things easier on yourself.
  • Make sure to choose a good combination of recipes that balance texture, temperature, color, and taste.
  • Accept help if it's offered! If someone wants to bring something, tell him you're having appetizers and invite him to bring his own specialty.
  • Your crockpot is an invaluable assistant for any party; make a crockpot recipe or two. They also keep dips and hot beverages hot during the party.
  • Choose at least one 'healthy' recipe that is lower calorie or low fat to keep health-conscious guests happy.
  • And always ask, when you're inviting your guests, if there are any allergies or special food needs to consider.
  • Figure on three or four servings of each appetizer per person. Make more than you think you'll need because leftovers are always fun to eat later.

    Now relax and have fun at your party!

    New Year's Eve Appetizer Party Menu