New Year's Soup Buffet Party Menu

A Warming Meal

Sweet and Sour Meatball Stew
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Whether you celebrate New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, or just the holidays in general, it's nice to have an Open House party. This type of party is fluid and easy, with people coming and going as they please. To make it easy on you and delightful for your guests, have a New Year's soup buffet party!

You can have several soups ready and waiting for your guests in a couple of crockpots. Ladles, mugs, spoons, and napkins complete the necessary tools for easy serving. Offer a choice of breads, beverages, and of course simple desserts and you can relax and enjoy your own party. All you have to do is occasionally replenish the food.

If your slow cookers have a 'keep warm' setting, use that to avoid overcooking the soup. Be sure to adhere to the 'two hour' rule of food safety; discard the food and start fresh. Keep another couple of batches of soup in the fridge. Then reheat on the stove until simmering and pour into the crockpots to serve.

Think about offering several different types of soups. A hearty chicken chowder pairs nicely with a vegetarian soup, and a meatball stew offers a sturdier contrast. Some quick breads, a hot toasted cheesy bread on a warming plate, and chewy breadsticks are all you need to add to this menu.

Even if you don't want to entertain a bunch, you can offer a couple of soups to some close friends, snuggle close to the fireplace, and enjoy a wonderful way to ring in the new year.

Happy New Year!

New Year's Soup Buffet Party Menu

  • Meatball Stew
    This fabulous stew uses frozen precooked meatballs for ease. It's rich and thick and warming.
  • Crockpot Sweet and Sour Chicken Stew
    Ginger root and sweet and sour simmer sauce are the secret ingredients in this hearty stew.
  • Crockpot Chicken Potato Chowder
    Hash brown potatoes and lots of vegetables make this rich chowder so satisfying and delicious.
  • Potato Sausage Soup
    This hearty soup is perfect for big appetites.
  • Crockpot Meatball Stew
    Lima beans and peas may sound like an unusual combination, but they're perfect in this rich and hearty stew.
  • Tomato Barley Soup
    Using canned tomatoes means you can make this soup any time of year. The barley is so nutty and delicious in this simple vegetarian soup recipe.
  • Crockpot Bean Soup with Pesto
    Pesto adds a wonderful finishing touch to almost any soup, but it's spectacular topping this creamy wonder.
  • Gazpacho
    Yes, a cold soup! This is a nice contrast and offers those watching calories a lighter choice.
  • Basil Cheese Breadsticks
    Bake this spectacular recipe in the oven, then put in on a warming plate for serving. It looks like a huge fried onion!
  • Irish Soda Bread
    I know, it's not St. Patrick's Day! But this quick and crusty bread is perfect for serving alongside soup.
  • Pecan Cakes
    If you really want to make your guests happy, serve this unbelievably spectacular recipe. And don't worry - you have to make it ahead of time!
  • Updated Tunnel of Fudge Cake
    This cake easily serves a crowd, and is delicious, rich, and fudgy. What more could you want?
  • Brownies
    Finally, brownies go with everything! This pan makes a lot of delicious, fudgy brownies that are the perfect finish to your party.