New York Local Foods

Guide to New York Local Foods

Find what's in season and markets to shop at with this guide to local foods in New York. Like all the state guides, the New York guide is a work-in-progress. Have a favorite market, CSA, or co-op that we should all know about? Tell us about it here!

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    New York Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

    Vintage Wine Tomatoes. Photo © Molly Watson

    New York markets draw "local" produce from within the state borders as well as New Jersey, Connecticut, eastern Pennsylvania, and western Massachusetts. Know what to expect at farmers markets and co-ops with this Guide to New York Seasonal Produce.

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    New York Farmers Markets

    Romaine Lettuce Hearts. Photo © Molly Watson

    New York City and New York State are chock full of farmers markets. There are even plenty of markets that run straight through the winter—remember, farmers markets sell more than fresh produce, but eggs, honey, meats, dairy products, and prepared foods (baked goods, preserves, etc.) that are available year-round. Find a market near you with the resources in this Guide to New York Farmers Markets. (You may find these Tips for Shopping Farmers Markets useful before heading out!)

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    New York Local Eating Blogs

    New York is full of locavores, and luckily some of them are keeping track of how they do it. Get ideas and inspiration for eating locally with these New York Local Foods Blogs.

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    New York Meats

    Fleisher's Meats in Kingston, New York sells organically grown, grass-fed meat from local farmers. For those not close enough to Kingston to use them as their butcher, they've written The Butcher's Guide to Well-Raised Meat.

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    New York Local Foods Resources

    • Slow Food NYC is a great place to find local foods events and like-minded people in New York City.
    • The New york Food Museum is dedicated to recording and preserving historical New York City foodstuffs and is the proud promoter of Pickle Day, a festival of all things pickle on the Lower East Side every fall.
    • Ithaca's Food Web provides fabulous information about eating locally in the Ithaca area
    • The Locavore's Handbook has great resources, from recipes to foraging tips, for New York local...MORE eaters
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    Western New York State Specialties: Buffalo Wings & Weck Sandwiches

    Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dressing. Photo @ John E. Kelly, used with permission from Getty Images

    Western New York is famous for Buffalo Wings and Beef on Weck sandwiches. We all know about Buffalo wings (which are easy to make at home, see this Buffalo Wing Recipe). Beef on Weck (or Wick as some people say)is less well-known and is an open face sandwich of roast beef on kummelweck bread with spicy horseradish and au jus sauce. It is almost exclusive to Western New York state.

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    New York Favorites: Fluke and Bluefish

    Fluke (a.k.a.summer flounder) and bluefish are caught off Long Island, and when wild-caught, both are listed as "good alternatives" by the Seafood Watch program.

    Fluke season used to be May through September, but conservation efforts to protect these delicious bottom-dwellers has led to split, short seasons in recent years (May into June then again from July into August). Fluke is a firm-fleshed, plump whitefish perfect for grilling (no need to flip it) and topping with a bit of lemon...MORE juice or tangy onion-laced vinaigrette. Most weight in around 4 pounds.

    Bluefish, in season from June into October, is famously flavorful. This oily fish is great on the grill or broiled. Like all fish, it's at its best when super-fresh. Look for bluefish that were caught earlier that day or the day before, at most.