Nichelle Stephens


Cupcakes are no longer just a fad or passing fancy. Cupcakes are here to stay. Whether you are a frosted professional or cupcake baking newbie, this page will be full of baking tips, cupcake recipes and sweet inspiration. Learn the basics of cupcake baking, frosting making, decorating and display. We will cover popular cupcake flavors (red velvet, anyone?) as well as classics like vanilla and chocolate.  We will test gluten-free, vegan and low-sugar recipes to find the best tasting. Additionally, we will review cookbooks and the latest baking tools. Lastly, we will have fun!


Nichelle Stephens is the co-founder of Cupcakes Take The Cake,  the most popular blog about cupcakes. She has been writing about cupcakes for over nine years. She has appeared on The Martha Stewart Show, Food Network and MSNBC.  Nichelle has been quoted as a cupcake expert in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Los Angeles Times and Entrepreneur magazine. In the new book about food trends, The Tastemakers, Nichelle is mentioned as being a cupcake blogger.


Nichelle has judged several cupcake baking competitions, hosted cupcake decorating classes, and organized cupcake business classes. She has interviewed notable cupcake bakery owners and pastry chefs from all over the world.


Nichelle has a bachelor's degree in accounting and an honorary Ph.D. in cupcakes.

Nichelle Stephens

Cupcakes are for everyday celebrations. Cupcakes are happy food.

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