15 No-Cook Summer Dinners

Laurie Patterson

When the temperature is hot, you probably don't always feel like cooking over a hot stove. You still deserve to eat well, though! We're here to save your dinner this summer with our delicious and inspiring round-up of no-cook summer dinner recipes you can make when you're craving something yummy and easy to prepare. You'll love these versatile recipes that are cool, satisfying and great for dinner, lunches and potluck parties, too.

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    Apple Pecan Chicken Salad

    Beth Yeaw

    This sweet, crunchy, savory apple pecan chicken salad recipe makes a fabulous no-cook summer dinner, whether you're dining solo or eating with friends and family. Use store-bought rotisserie chicken for this easy recipe, which combines crunchy pecans, tart apples and a creamy honey mustard dressing for a palate-pleasing flavor and texture.

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    Shrimp Salad Sandwich

    Laurie Patterson

    When you want to treat yourself this summer and don't feel like cooking, this easy yet decadent-tasting shrimp salad sandwich recipe is just the thing. Start with cooked shrimp from the store to make this easy, restaurant-style sandwich, featuring sweet shrimps in a mayonnaise-based dressing and served on top of a toasted bun for a satisfying crunch

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    Feta Avocado Toast

    Jon Lovette

    Is there any more food more beloved for any course of the day than avocado toast? Make this super-easy, versatile feta avocado toast recipe for a no-cook summer dinner and see what all the fuss is about. What's not to love in this version that combines creamy, ripe avocado with Greek feta cheese, served on top of quickly toasted, pre-sliced bakery bread.

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    Chickpea, Apple, and Avocado Salad

    Brian Hagiwara

    When the weather is hot and you're craving something cool for dinner, dig into this delectable and colorful salad recipe that combines protein-rich chickpeas, crisp apple chunks and silky-smooth avocado. Make it ahead for a quick and easy dinner when you get home from work, or throw it together and enjoy immediately any time.

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    Italian Caprese Sandwich

    Tara Donne

    It takes just 5 minutes to put together this delightfully fresh and filling sandwich featuring the best tastes of Italy. The Italian Caprese sandwich is a super-easy, classic vegetarian sub that's packed full of mouth-watering flavors, including fresh mozzarella, sweet Italian tomatoes, fragrant green basil, rich extra virgin olive oil, and a zippy balsamic glaze.

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    Smoked Salmon Croissant Sandwiches

    The Picture Pantry

    If you're a fan of buttery French croissants and luxurious smoked salmon, you'll adore this no-cook summer dinner idea of smoked salmon croissant sandwiches that's delicious. Special enough for entertaining, this is a super-easy summer recipe you can make or yourself or guests, on those hot nights when you don't feel like turning on the stove.

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    Pesto Chicken Pasta Salad

    Angela Lourenco

    Leftover cooked pasta and store-bought rotisserie chicken combine with pesto from a jar, in this scrumptious, easy chicken salad recipe that's sure to become a summertime favorite. This pesto chicken pasta salad recipe makes a great no-cook dinner, on those nights when you're craving something quick, cool and filling.

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    Spicy Mango Ginger Soup

    Harald Walker / EyeEm

    On a hot summer day, give yourself a break from the heat when you prepare this no-cook summer spicy mango ginger soup for dinner. Mango and ginger are a fantastic flavor combination that you really have to taste to believe. Fat-free and gluten-free, this awesome vegan cold soup is packed with flavor and plenty of vitamin C.

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    Deli Style Turkey Sub

    Martin Jacobs

    Skip the take-out this summer and satisfy your sandwich for dinner cravings with this easy to make turkey sub recipe. You'll love the extra instructions in this recipe for building a sandwich that doesn't fall apart, whether you're eating your turkey sub over a plate, or enjoying it outdoors.

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    Classic Tuna Salad

    Jacqueline Alpers

    Classic tuna salad is made extra delicious in this no-cook summer dinner recipe. Sweet pickle relish, tangy Dijon mustard, and chopped fresh celery add flavor and crunch to this easy mayonnaise-based tuna salad that makes a yummy summer meal served on a fresh baguette, in a pita bread pocket, or on your favorite bagel.

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    Chopped Salad With Ham

    Michelle Tran / EyeEm

    This hearty, healthy chopped salad with ham is a wonderful choice for dinner on a hot summer evening. Cooked ham is tossed with fresh chopped vegetables, roasted peanuts or pecans, savory cheese and fresh herbs in a perfect balsamic dressing that brings out all the yummy flavors of the ingredients.

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    Traditional Spanish Gazpacho

    Alan Richardson

    Traditional Spanish gazpacho, with its flavors of vine-ripened tomatoes, cucumbers and other fresh vegetables, gets a flavor boost from herbaceous cilantro and lemon juice. Once you learn to make this versatile, no-cook summer recipe, you'll go back to it again and again for summer dinner. Serve this blended cold soup with fresh or toasted baguette slices, for an authentic taste of Europe.

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    Southwestern Corn Salad

    Duane Osborn

    Vegan-friendly southwestern corn salad is packed full of protein and vitamins, making it a great no-cook meal for vegetarians on hot summer evenings. Cool, colorful and crunchy, this crowd-pleasing salad recipe is delicious made with fresh or frozen corn kernels and canned black beans, making it a snap to prepare anytime you crave it.

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    Classic Guacamole Dip

    JJ Withers

    Who said that guacamole was only for game day? Served with crunchy tortilla chips, this classic guacamole dip recipe makes a brilliant summer dinner idea. Smooth, flavorful avocados get a boost from zingy lime juice, garlic and fresh herbs in this versatile recipe that can be made spicy or mild, depending on your personal taste.

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    Classic Italian Submarine Sandwich

    GM Nicholas

    ​Satisfy your hunger at dinnertime with this thick and flavorful, fully loaded Classic Italian submarine sandwich that's packed full of Mediterranean meats, salty cheeses, fresh veggies and tangy dressing ingredients. This recipe is also great for lunches and picnics this summer or year-round.