Nordic New Year's Nibbles

Delicious Dishes to Include on a New Year's Eve Smorgasbord

New Year's Eve is a super opportunity to present a "smorgasbord" of appetizers to friends and relations as you ring in the New Year. Similar to Spanish tapas dishes, these savory Nordic "small bites" and sandwiches will provide a tasty accompaniment to your celebratory bubbly or — for any children in your crowd — festive Skål Y'all.

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    Cold-Cured Gravlax on Rye Crispbread

    Scandinavia's most famous appetizer, cold-cured gravlax is a breeze to make, requiring only a few simple steps and next-to-no labor. Sliced paper-thin and served on rye crispbread with sweet dill mustard, it is a necessary and delicious part of a New Year's smörgåsbord buffet.

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    Smoked Salmon

    Cold-cured gravlax takes on a new dimension of flavor when lightly smoked for an hour or two before serving. It's an excellent alternative to provide for less adventurous guests who prefer their salmon cooked.

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    Seafood Smörgåstårta

    Smoked salmon, ripe avocado, and piles of tiny baby shrimp contribute to the flavor and the beauty of this seafood smörgåstårta.