North Carolina Local Foods

Farm Fresh Produce, Pulled Pork, and More from the Tar Heel State

North Carolina is famous for its good eating. From pulled pork to excellent crab, boiled peanuts to fresh-from-the-field produce. Find farmers markets and other resources for local foods in North Carolina.

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    North Carolina Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

    Brandywine Tomatoes. Photo © Molly Watson

    See what's in season in North Carolina with this Guide to North Carolina Produce.

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    North Carolina Farmers Markets

    Collard Greens. Photo © Molly Watson

    Find one of the many, many farmers markets across North Carolina with this Guide to North Carolina Farmers Markets. 

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    North Carolina Specialties: Blue Crab

    Blue Crabs
    Blue Crabs. Photo © Cavan Images, used with permission from Getty Images

    The coast and Outerbanks of North Carolina are home to delicious blue crabs. They are best served boiled, drained, and piled up on a picnic table with plenty of room for everyone to gather around and start picking. It's a slow and immensely satisfying process.

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    North Carolina Specialties: Pulled Pork

    Pulled Pork Sliders
    Pulled Pork Sliders. Photo @ Rita Maas/FoodPix, used with permission from Getty Images

    I was in my late twenties before I had the vinegar-spiked barbecue served up in North Carolina – that's over two decades wasted not eating it! Oh well. I'm making up for lost time whenever I have the opportunity.

    Serious barbecue lovers will want an explanation of the Vinegar Sauce that makes Carolina barbecue so tangy, so tender.

    To make your own Carolina Barbecue, you'll need to start with the right Carolina Barbecue Rub before adding the Carolina Barbecue Sauce (or you may want a recipe for Carolina Red Sauce) in order to make Carolina Pulled Pork or Piedmont Pulled Pork.

    Read even more about Carolina Pulled Pork here.

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    North Carolina Food Local Foods Festivals

    North Carolina hosts many food festivals. Two hightlights, however, happen every October. First comes the North Carolina Seafood Festival in Morehead City then the North Carolina Barbecue Festival in Lexington.

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    Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Local Foods

    The Raleigh-Durham area is rife with ice cream shops, local craft breweries, and plenty of places offering take-out of the justly famous North Carolina Barbecue.

    Those looking to eat-in can stop by Big Ed's for southern classics made with local farm-fresh produce or take the Triangle Walking Food Tour.

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    Charlotte, North Carolina Local Foods

    Charlotte is, as you might imagine, home to some great Southern Restaurants. Or cook your own by shopping at one of the many, year-round Charlotte Farmers Markets.

    Don't know what to do with your haul from the farmers market? Try a Cooking Class in Charlotte.

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    North Carolina Local Foods Resources

    Find more great North Carolina local foods:

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    North Carolina Fisheries

    That North Carolina coast is home to some delicious seafood. One way to get some for yourself is to join Walking Fish, a community-supported fishery operating in Raleigh-Durham.