Creative Alternatives to Traditional Latkes

Alright people, let's get on those treadmills because we've got just a little over a week to lose the turkey and stuffing (or should I say the stuffing that resulted from eating all the turkey) before it's time to eat again. That's right - Chanukah is coming!

It's a celebration of lights and oil and in my house we celebrate it by stuffing as many delicious potato pancakes into our mouths as the cook can make before he or she collapses. Then we have doughnuts for dessert.

My mother was a purist, using only potatoes and a little onion, hand grating it all and standing over a hot frying pan, churning out large batches for us to devour. But as much as I loved her originals, I have room in my heart for lots of tasty variations. Here then are a few twists to celebrate the holiday in delicious style.

A Different Latke Every Night?

Chanukah is celebrated over 8 nights and we've given you 8 variations so the only logical thing to do is have a different one each night. Makes good sense to us. Enjoy!