"Nuts and Berries" Mixed-Drink Cocktail

Nuts and berries creamy cocktail
Gentl and Hyers / Photolibary / Getty Images
  • Total: 3 mins
  • Prep: 3 mins
  • Cook: 0 mins
  • Yield: 1 serving

The aptly named Nuts and Berries cocktail is a delightful and rich drink, and it's easy to make. The "nuts" come from Frangelico and the “berries” from Chambord. It is the same delicious combination found in the popular PB&J shooter (sometimes also called "Nuts and Berries").

The sweet mix is topped with your choice of cream or milk, and the result is quite charming. It’s so nice, in fact, that this drink was extremely popular at one time. It has lost a bit of that glory, but it remains a tasty and easy cocktail.


Steps to Make It

  1. Pour the liqueurs into an old-fashioned glass filled with ice.

  2. Top with milk or cream and stir again.


  • The Liqueurs: While you can find other raspberry and hazelnut liqueurs, Chambord and Frangelico are your best options. They're both extremely easy to find and should be in almost every liquor store. You'll also find that a bottle of each makes a good addition to your bar stock.
  • The Dairy:  Because the Nuts and Berries is served on the rocks, it's best to begin with a heavier dairy product. Cream really does make the best drink here, but if you only have milk in stock that will do just fine. You will also find that whole or 2% milk works out better than the lighter milks.
  • If you avoid dairy, any of the alternative "milks" should be good here as well. Almond milk would be a fitting choice and would ramp up the drink's nuttiness. 
  • You can pour as much or as little milk as you like in the Nuts and Berries. That will affect how strong the drink is, though it's almost always a relatively mild cocktail. For instance, if you pour 3 ounces of milk, the drink will weigh in around 9 percent alcohol by volume (18 proof).
  • While you have Chambord and Frangelico in stock, you might want to mix up another creamy cocktail or two. The Nuts and Berries is one of the few recipes where the two liqueurs meet, each can make a splash on its own.

Recipe Variations

  • Silk Stocking - This tequila cocktail pairs Chambord with a reposado tequila, a hint of chocolate, and a splash of cream. It's light, pink, and pretty tasty.
  • Nutty Irishman - If you prefer to skip the fruits, give this popular drink a try. It can be served as a party shooter, a slow sipper on the rocks, or in a hot coffee cocktail. No matter how you make it, the combination of Frangelico and Irish cream is always a hit.