5 Buzzworthy NYC Sandwiches That You Need to Try!

5 NYC Sandwiches That You Don't Want to Miss!
5 NYC Sandwiches That You Don't Want to Miss!. Grilled Cheese Social

New York City might be known for world class pizza and the best bagels around, but the sandwich scene is also second to none. If you love to dig into over-the-top dishes, you'll have to visit these five restaurants and experience their signature sammies. 

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    Emmy Squared's Spicy Chicken Sandwich

    5 NYC Sandwiches That You Don't Want to Miss!. Grilled Cheese Social

    Emmy Squared, a sister restaurant to the ever so popular Brooklyn hot spot, Pizza Loves Emily, might be best known for their deep dish Detroit style pizzas, however their handheld sandwiches are the true hidden secret. And although The Emmy Burger has been praised over and over again for its brain tingling deliciousness, this monstrous spicy chicken sandwich is no joke and deserves some attention.

    So what's in this beast? Two crispy panko-encrusted chicken cutlets are tossed in a spicy sambal...MORE chili sauce that's flecked with lots of red pepper flakes. The deep fried fried chicken patties are then topped with a leaf of bok choy, fresh pico salsa, house made dill pickles, and a beautiful bright green housemade ranch dressing that's blasting with herbaceousness. The whole thing is stacked tall on a warm pretzel bun. And don't be scared to use a fork and knife on this sandwich -- it's huge!

    Emmy Squared

    364 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

    (718) 360-4535


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    Foster Sundry's Foster Reuben

    5 NYC Sandwiches That You Don't Want to Miss!
    5 NYC Sandwiches That You Don't Want to Miss!. Grilled Cheese Social

    When you find yourself in Bushwick, Brooklyn, do yourself a favor and be sure to stop at Foster Sundry. The bright and lofty cafe is also home to a whole animal butchery formerly run by the amazing Cara Nicoletti, a beautiful artisan cheese counter that rivals most of the cities cheese shops, and a curated grocery market that focuses on unique items from around the world along with many of Brooklyn's finest handmade goodies.

    And although it's hard to pick a favorite sandwich from this...MORE inventive storefront, the Foster Rueben takes the cake. Made with the most juicy and tender grassfed corned beef, vibrant house-made sauerkraut, Consider Bardwell Farm's Pawlet cheese from Vermont, and a rich, creamy, and tangy 1000 island dressing that's stacked together between two perfectly springy slices of toasted marble rye.

    Their rueben even gives Kat'z a run for their money. 

    Foster Sundry

    215 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

    (718) 569-8426

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    Sunny and Annie's Pho #1 Sandwich

    Pho Sandwich Sunny and Annie's Deli
    5 NYC Sandwiches That You Don't Want to Miss!. Grilled Cheese Social

    To many New Yorkers, Sunny and Annie's Deli is considered a cult classic among the city's bodegas. Located on the outskirts of Alphabet City and the Lower East Side, this hole in the wall convenience store remains one of the most popular places to grab a bite at any hour because of their off-the-wall sandwich menu.

    They sell about ten variations of their Pho Sandwich, but The Pho #1 sandwich reigns supreme. Prepared hot or cold, this sandwich is stuffed with roast beef, hoisin sauce,...MORE sriracha, basil, cilantro, avocado, bean sprouts, fresh tomato and red onion on toasty french bread. And if you want to make it yourself, check out our recipe that was inspired by this delicious creation! 

    Sunny and Annie's Deli

    94 Avenue B, New York, NY 10009

    (212) 677-3131

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    Fuku's Fried Chicken Sandwich

    Fuku's Fried Chicken Sandwich
    5 NYC Sandwiches That You Don't Want to Miss!. Grilled Cheese Social

    David Chang, the mastermind chef behind the Momofuku restaurant group, recently opened his first fast food spired spot, Fuku, in the East Village. But contradictory to most fast food chains that most of us are familiar with, Fuku's menu is much smaller and the food, by all means, is not fast at all. 

    Unlike most fried chicken sandwiches that you've probably had in the past, Fuku's version is completely unconventional. The massive patty made with dark meat instead of light is...MORE surrounded in a thick and craggy fried crust that's doused in a thick sweet glaze. A few pickles and a handful of daikon slaw is packed on top for added flavor and texture. Don't forget to drizzle their infamous spicy chili ssäm sauce on top of the sandwich for a pop of tangy umami-ness!


    163 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10003 

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    La Superior's Torta De Cochinita Pibil

    Cochinita Pibil
    5 NYC Sandwiches That You Don't Want to Miss!. Grilled Cheese Social

    La Superior in Willaimsburg, Brooklyn is a longtime favorite among local Brooklynites. Known for their tiny tacos that are bursting with flavor and the strong drinks that will leave you weak in the knees, La Superior knows how to do things right. 

    This sandwich is a mix between an authentic mexican torta and one of their most famous cochinita pibil tacos. Cochinita pibil is a classic yucatan dish that's made by slow roasting pork in banana leaves with a handful of Mexican spices and sour...MORE orange juice. It's super flavorful and rich and just so happens to be even better when stuffed into a toasted french bread baguette with fresh avocado, pickled red onions and pico de gallo. It's a messy one for sure, but that just makes licking your fingers even better. 

    La Superior

    295 Berry St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

    (718) 388-5988